"My Secret Life" Interview with Lori Carpenos


About Lori Carpenos

Therapist, Life Coach, Business Consultant, 3 Principles Trainer, Speaker, Author of "The Secret of Love", and Founder of the "Mystery School"

In 1985 Lori Carpenos met Sydney Banks, a Scottish-born philosopher and lecturer who was sharing his profound insight and his understanding of life (which later became known as the "3 Principles") at a seminar she was attending. At the time, Lori was a young art teacher, and her dear colleague and fellow artist had just moved to another job, leaving Lori feeling lost, alone and depressed. Wanting to feel better, she started a cycle of psychotherapy that landed her in a darker place than where she started. After her first encounter with Mr. Banks, Lori felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders. It put her on a path of personal discovery and insight. And this led her to a clear knowledge of where mental well-being and self-confidence, the ability to navigate challenging circumstances and create amazing relationships can be found: looking to the space before Thought. In her interview, she explains what that means.

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