"My Secret Life" Interview with Rob Cook


From gang member to military uniformity to light and love

We hope you're enjoying your summer. We're getting ready to "close up the shop" for the next few weeks. And before we do, we wanted to share this interview with you.

It's a new interview from our "My Secret Life" project, in which Shailia sat down (online) with our special guest Rob Cook.

Rob was born and raised in the inner-city of Birmingham, Alabama against a racially charged background and amidst poverty, crime, and violence.

His decision to join a gang was simple math. The equation: hurt or be hurt. And when he later joined the military he realized he was leaving one gang to join another. Only now he had more training, more guns, and other people to hate.

Throughout his 21 years in the military, Rob always felt his own truth coming through him. But he learned to squash it down and present an image of the good soldier or the angry black man he thought people wanted to see.

He ignored his own knowing and chose normed behavior instead. He covered his insecurity with authority. Instead of listening, he brought his proverbial "sledgehammer" to even the smallest of conflicts.

Until nothing felt authentic. He hit the floor, was diagnosed with PTSD, and thought he would just have to live with being a broken human being.

But that couldn't have been farther from the truth.

Today, what Rob knows for sure is that he's not broken and never was. Now, he is the living, breathing epitome of love, light, and possibility. His joy for life is undeniable.

Listen in as he takes us on his incredible, transformational journey. He'll tell you what he saw that changed everything for him. And he'll let you know where you can look for Truth (spoiler alter: within your own soul).


So much love,
Lea & Shailia


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