She tried to hide, but we found her


Have you ever met someone with a deeply calm and loving presence? And somehow just being in a room with them seems to calm you down, too?

That’s how we felt the first time Mavis Karn "stepped into" a virtual room where we were taking part in a coaching masterclass a few years ago.

When she spoke, her wisdom was abundant and impactful.

Mavis might be the most stealth 3P teacher on the planet. In her 81 years here, she’s somehow managed to leave almost no digital footprints.

So it’s hard to find her and a rare privilege to have her as a guest.

When Mavis stumbled across the "3 Principles" back in 1974, she expected to be attending "the usual" seminar related to her job as a social worker.

She was bone tired, practically burnt out and ready to take a few days of "paid vacation" from her draining daily work with challenged families.

What she took away from that seminar with Dr. Roger Mills and his team was a deep insight that she couldn’t even put into words at the time.

Looking back, she had seen that there is nothing wrong with anyone, and it totally blew her mind. Nothing wrong!

This was a revelation to her ...

You see, all of her work will families until then had solely been based on the premise that there was certainly something wrong that needed fixing.

And she and her co-workers had been up to their ears in "something’s wrong" … day in and day out. It felt fruitless and never-ending to her.

Suddenly, she was at an utter loss as to how to do her job moving forward. All she knew was that she couldn’t go back to what she had been doing.

So she decided to call each and every family she was serving and tell them she was quitting their cases.

To her surprise, not one family accepted her notice.

Instead, they wanted to know more. Instinctively they had felt the power of her insight.

And when she spoke, they could recognize it in her very being: the Truth of things, the innate well-being in themselves and their children.

This is just one of the beautiful stories in this new "My Secret Life" interview with Mavis Karn.

We hope you’ll enjoy it very much and see something new for yourself.

So much love,
Lea & Shailia


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