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You without fear, living in a world made of love

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Last week on Thursday night I was standing in a pub in Prague at a party. Two of my "Supercoach Academy Europe" colleagues were celebrating their combined 100th birthday. She was turning 40 and he 60 years old.

A friend and professional opera singer from our group had just sung a beautiful birthday aria and many of us were teary eyed after being touched by the music.

As I turned to hide my weeping and take a sip of my little Czech beer, I could see another colleague approaching me out of the corner of my eye.

He gave me a hug and asked if I had had any more dreams about funerals (another story for another day). I assured him I had not since the last time we spoke in Athens.

We laughed in relief. Especially, because in some cultures, dreams about dying are considered to be omens of impending death and we were both happy I was still alive.

But I could also tell he had something else on his...


The start of "What's on offer?"


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Dear reader, there is more on offer than I've been telling you about. This is the story ...

In 2014 I came across an understanding called „The Three Principles“. The "3P’s“, as defined by Sydney Banks and his pupils, are: Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

Sydney Banks was a Scottish welder with a 9th grade education who had an enlightenment experience in the 1970’s and spent the rest of his life until 2009 sharing what he had seen.

What Sydney Banks had seen is that we are one with the great intelligence behind life and that everything is of the same energy.

We are made of it. We are aware of it. We create with it.

People who came from all over the world to hear Sydney Banks speak were changed. They began to feel at peace within themselves, with the world and those around them.

They began to easily move passed trauma, longterm anxiety and depression. And more than...


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