Totally Human
Thursday, October 29, - Saturday, October 31, 2020
Yes, count me in!
Totally Human - 3 Day Online Retreat

October 29 - 31, 2020

Count me in!

Does life often feel hard?

It can be simple, clear and easy, ...

... if you know how to be human.

If you're looking for the operation manual, you're in the right place!


Join us if you're interested in:

Diving deeper into the 3 Principles.

Suffering less and finally living the wonderful life you want.

Seeing something new in terms of your own personal challenges.

Less complexity, confusion and stress. And in return...

More simplicity, clarity and ease.

Yes, count me in!

What to expect:


  • 3 day ONLINE RETREAT with Lea Wernli, Shailia Stephens and a maximum of 12 attendees. Dive in, relax and see more.

  • 2 INTERACTIVE WEBINARS a day. We encourage you to take part live, but all webinars will be recorded.

  • WE'LL EXPLORE being "Totally Human" together.  And we'll look at the operation manual through the glasses of the 3 Principles.

  • During 3 days: Take off your coat of heaviness and effort and exchange it for much lighter wings.

  • You'll come to know and love the human experience with all its facets – highs and lows. If you're already familiar with this understanding, we'll be diving deeper.

  • Our goal is for you to be able to stand on solid ground more often: in your personal life, your job or business and in your relationships.

  • Our goal is to help you see that life is much simpler, clearer easier than you might think ... and that you feel more love and aliveness in everything you do.

  • Our hope is that your search for a solution – to whatever you think is wrong (with you) – will come to an end and you'll find out you're already home.

  • You can expect to feel more relaxed and start to hear your inner voice more clearly ... and to gain more trust in this graceful life – which is already supporting you.
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Day 1: Oct. 29, 3pm CET

 The Principle of «Thought»
– Personal Experience –

How is our human experience created? How is our reality being generated?

Interactive webinar 

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Day 1: Oct. 29, 7pm CET

The Principle of «Mind»
- Universal Intelligence -

How does life unfold? What does it mean to recognize your own essence?

Interactive webinar 

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Day 2: Oct. 30, 3pm CET

The Principle of «Consciousness»
– Greater Awareness –

How do we perceive ourselves and the world? How do we look inside?

 Interactive webinar

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Day 2: Oct. 30, 7pm CET

Totally human everday life
– Live simply –

How does this understanding help me in my everyday life? Why it's so simple?

Interactive webinar 

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Day 3: Oct. 31, 3pm CET

Totally human relationships
– See Clearly –

How to resolve conflicts / connect easily: within yourself, at home or at work? 

Interactive webinar

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Day 3: Oct. 31, 7pm CET

Totally human creation
– Do More Easily –

Where do good ideas, true creativity and productivity actually come from?

Interactive webinar 

Save your spot on this transformative online retreat:

Gaining insight and deepening your grounding in the 3 Principles understanding has the potential to transform your life. We're sure of this, because it has turned our experience of life around 180 degrees. We hope the same for you.

In these three days we'll go deeper together. But it's a retreat after all! And that means we'll also relax, recharge and reset for the next phase of your "Totally Human" life.

Join us for 3 days online, where we'll be meeting for 2 interactive webinars a day. All to help you see something new about life and being human.

Your Retreat Hosts,
Lea Wernli & Shailia Stephens

Yes, count me in!

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Your experienced mentors and where
they come professionally and personally ...

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Lea Wernli | Transformative Coach, Mentor Coach, Trainer and Author

Lea Maria Wernli is a certified Transformative Coach, trainer and mentor (MA in Special Needs Education). Her main interest is in people and their stories. She lives with her family in Switzerland and works in Lucerne and Zurich, as well as internationally. Lea's coaching is based on the 3 Principles, which were first described by the Scotsman Sydney Banks and are now widely known in English speaking countries. It is a unique view of life which also has a lasting influence on Lea's view of the world.

Lea's mission is to make this paradigm shift in human psychology and coaching accessible to all people. Nothing gives her more pleasure than to see someone experience an aha-moment that changes their life from the bottom up: "It is always very touching and shows me that I want to continue to follow my vision," says Lea. When she's not listening spellbound, asking life-changing questions and rehearsing her incomparable view into nothingness, she's probably busy reading, writing, dancing, "romping around in the snow and jumping into the water" ... and continuing her education. Her first book "Less worries – more fun" has just been published.

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Shailia Stephens | "Wisdom in Business"-Mentor for Experts and "Solopreneurs", MSc Business Coaching & Training & Advanced Transformative Coach

Shailia Stephens, MSc. is a Business Coach for experts and "soulopreneurs" as well as a Transformative Coach for all people who want to achieve great things and make an impact in the world – without the usual stress and over-efforting related to classic performance strategies. Shailia supports her clients in building or expanding their business or personal projects from their own inner peace and wisdom, so that they can leave the noise on the outside and the pressure on the inside behind them and be successful in a more peaceful way. 

When Shailia learned about the 3 Principles in 2015, a completely new understanding of our human psychology and spiritual nature, it changed her life as well as her experience and approach to business in a profound and lasting way. Since then, she's been sharing what she's seen with others, so that they too can create their lives and businesses from a place of deep serenity, true freedom and infinite creativity.

Born and raised in Florida, Shailia has lived in Germany with her husband since 1995. During the last 25 years she has also lived in her beloved cities of Vienna, Zurich and Diano Marina in Italy. Her Dalmatian DUKE is her daily companion.

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