Choose Aliveness Over Busy Mind

Apr 19, 2024

Dearest Reader, I've been thinking about you and hope you're very well.

I spent last week basking in the sunshine, observing sea crabs and wild ducks, and marveling at the beauty of exotic flowers.

Being in life, instead of thinking about life.

Yesterday morning, back at my desk, totally renewed, and on coaching calls with some of my gorgeous ‘soulpreneur’ clients, I heard myself saying …

Being in life is one of the most essential things you can do for the long-term success of your business.

And it’s true. Being in life is … well, life-giving … and completely clarifying. It’s like filling your tank with premium fuel from an endless source of vitality and wisdom.

I’m gushing, but I simply want to say this: Remember to BE IN YOUR LIFE. Give yourself permission to be in life, and make it a priority.

Instead of: overthinking your life, yourself, other people's behavior, the state of the world, what's next, where you want to be in your relationships or your business (but aren't), etc.

I promise you that IN ACTUAL LIFE … when you have a rested mind, are slowed down, and are present, you will show up more powerfully and impactcully in EVERYTHING you do.

Let's not lose sight of this. Agreed?

So much love,



Here’s a little prayer for “Being In Life” …

May we embrace each moment, basking in life's wonder and simple joys—sunshine, flowers, and friends.

May we prioritize living fully over merely existing, finding renewed energy and purpose each day.

Let us remember the power of being present, for it is the key to deep joy, authentic success, and a positive impact in all aspects of life.

With each step back into life, may we refuel our spirits and reconnect with the essence of all that is.



Ready to live in your real life rather than being stuck in your head?

Up for prioritizing aliveness over busyness and exploring the simple success that comes from a powerful presence?

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