Are you in life, being who you really are? Or are up in your head?



A few years back, while taking part in a 3P coach training, I was sitting with another participant on a couch in a beautiful hotel.

We’d already been training together for over six months and had been asked to pair up for one last reflection on the last day of the program.

She went first.

And before long I had the feeling that the person in front of me was an entirely other person than the one I had spoken many times before.

She was so different that it shocked me. I even found myself saying:
„I feel like I’m really seeing you for the first time since we met.“

To which she replied:
„Shailia, that’s because every time we talked before, I wasn’t really with you. I was up in my head watching shitty movies about myself and you.“

Immediately I understood she’d seen something about Thought, and it had catapulted her back into presence, back into life. And there she was.

I was starkly reminded of this story as Lea and I were interviewing Grace Kelly for our „My Secret Life“ series.

In our interview, Grace speaks about participating in a similar training.

And she talks about the moment when all of her self-conscious and judgmental thinking about herself and others started to fall away.

Where she landed was right back in „real" life, feeling present and relaxed for the first time in a quite a long time.

Since the death of her fiance Francesco back in December of 2020, Grace has woken up even more to the universal gifts of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

Listen for yourself and find out what she had to say.

So much love,
Shailia & Lea



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