Quarantine, close quarters and getting along with your teenager – Interview with Erika Bugbee

Nov 05, 2020

#builtforthis VIDEO 5 with Erika Bugbee
Interviewed by Wyn Morgan & Shailia Stephens

After four #builtforthis interviews, we hope you're experiencing just a little more ease and grace during these exceptional times.

In our final interview of the series, Wyn Morgan and Shailia Stephens are speaking with Erika Bugbee.

Erika is the daughter of George and Linda Pransky and also a "3 Principles" Coach specialized in working with families and particularly in working with teenagers (having been a difficult teenager herself).

As restrictions and lockdowns become the new norm for many, the shift from work, school, and play outside the home to life around the clock at home has some families feeling overwhelmed.

In this interview, Erika shares her wisdom about how to handle close quarters and conflicts under these circumstances – even if you're stuck with someone you don't like – who may be your teenager ;-)

The good news is ...

Although someone else might be in charge of and deciding that you and your family have to stay at home right now, you're in charge of deciding where to put your energy and what to let go of.

Erika explains how this simple realization made the biggest impact and difference for her as a parent, who is also trying to keep a business afloat during COVID.

Isn't it reassuring to hear about the possibility for contentment and deeper connections that are waiting just beyond the initial phase of freakout? It means coming closer together instead of increasing tensions. Listen to Erika and find out more about the "how".

We hope you've enjoyed our #builtforthis series.

Stay tuned for more inspiration and some exciting news from us coming soon.

Much love,
Lea & Shailia


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