Effortless Change for Mermaids

Jun 16, 2024

Dear Reader,

I hope you're having a wonderful summer wherever you are. Here's a little story about change ...

I spent my first 11 years in Floridaβ˜€οΈπŸŒ΄, and I’ve been terrified of the ocean for as long as I can remember. πŸ˜¨ 🌊

Walking along the beach, no problem. Immersing myself in the salty water with waves slapping was almost always a "no thank you."

I tried to make myself get in so many times, but enjoyment is another thing entirely. So, I didn’t consider changing it this late in the game.

The fear belonged to me and who I am—or so I believed. Surprisingly, I spent hours every day last week swimming in the ocean.

I’ve got these nerdy kid goggles, white-rimmed with large-looking glasses. They suction to my face perfectly. Once I’ve rubbed off the mascara that gets on the inside, I can see everything. πŸ₯½ 🏊

Last year, I learned to love looking around underwater in the pool when I started swimming laps to reduce my anxiety and panic attacks.

Underwater in the ocean, I feel like a mermaid exploring. πŸ§œ πŸ’«

I’m the shadowy creature gliding over a school of fish as they dart away from me. I’m a rock connoisseur curating a collection of smooth stones from the ocean floor. I’m the 'lover of blue' arms stretched toward the deep, propelling myself as far out as my racing heart will let me.

So, what happened to that fearful girl?

Life unfolded in a new direction. She saw something fresh about 'the joy of looking around underwater' and started having an entirely different experience.

Change can be that simple if we let itit’s as natural as living and breathing. This is true whether you want to overcome fear, lose weight, make more money, be a better partner or parent, kick a bad habit, or whatever it is you desire.

Seeing something fresh from inside yourself is the clue!

Recently, a lovely client of mine made a ‘triple change’ practically all at once just by noticing how Thought works.

She saw that she didn’t have to 'hang out and have a party' with her stressful thinking. She realized she could just let the Energy of Thought pass through her and get on with her wonderful life.

After this one insight about Thought πŸ’­, …

  1. She let go of a bad habit that was making her feel terrible.
  2. She became happier and healthier.
  3. Her most important relationships healed and improved as a result.

This happened in a short period of time without willpower or focussing on changing her problems.

This is possible for every human being, including you. You just have to be willing to look.

You can borrow my white goggles if you want, and we’ll look together into the most beautiful depths of who you really are and how you actually work.

So that the change you want to experience becomes effortlessin your life, relationships, or business.

Click this link https://live.vcita.com/site/shailia to make your appointment for a relaxed call. We’ll have a transformative conversation ... BECAUSE you deserve to have the most wonderful life possible!

Here’s to the ocean 🌊 and you, the drop in it.

Sandy feet, salty hair, and sticky with sunscreen ...

I send you so much love,



P.S., and as a Disclaimer, you don’t have to change anything to be deeply OK. You already are, AND change can be fun. Let’s look πŸ‘€!



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