Embracing Radical Inner Peace

Jul 02, 2024

I‘m here in London at the „3 Principles Conference.“

Yesterday, the question, „What happens when you make a radical commitment to inner peace?“ drew me in and up the stairs to the second-floor lecture room.

There, Marina Romanos and Anastasia Dobrovolschi spoke about an experiment—an experiment to radically choose inner peace as often as possible and in any situation, to make it the primary soul goal above all else.

Immediately I felt the power in this simple but profound idea.

As they began to share what they had seen during their experiment, everything that came up was fundamental.

Choosing inner peace is choosing not to scare ourselves about the future.

Being committed to inner peace means following our deepest wisdom, even if that means appearing to be leaving others alone to fend for themselves.

An inner peace stance is an openness to love and the possibility of a new experience. It involves letting go (as best we can) of all judgments of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Radical inner peace is radically accepting WHAT IS right now. Knowing everything is flowing and changing naturally.

I heard this and so much more. It may not have been what they said, but it is what I heard.

This morning, I woke up committed. Or, as Marina put it, „having clarity about what I want (= inner peace) and acting accordingly.“

It's not that the human experience is something we have to manage. Yes, we will drop and fall back asleep repeatedly.

But knowing even more the direction I am committed to is transformative … when my level of consciousness allows it.

Marina and Anastasia, I want to thank you both from my heart for this radical idea, which has already helped me start my day more peacefully.

I will keep you both updated ๐Ÿ™

So much love,


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