Finding Mind in the Sky

Jul 30, 2020

Hi, how are you?

We're still very much enjoying the beautiful summer ☀️ sunshine.

In this week's "3P Moments with Lea & Shailia", we continue to explore the "Principle of Mind".

What we've noticed over the last years is, that while the "Principle of Thought" 🤯 is usually easy for most people to grasp rather quickly, the "Principle of Mind" can be a bit more elusive.

Perhaps because we get so caught up in our thinking, that the feeling and the miracle of the aliveness of life get veiled for a time.

Here's the thing, you won't get it intellectually 🧐.
But you're very likely to find the feeling of it in everyday 🌈 miracles.

That's why this audio is best enjoyed while lying in the grass 🍀 somewhere, looking up😉.

This "3P Moment" is an excerpt from our last "Totally Human" 3 Day Online Retreat.

We hope you enjoy it and you'll be hearing from us again next week.

Much love,
Shailia Stephens & Lea Wernli


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