Losing business and gaining clarity during a pandemic โ€“ Interview with Wilhelm Hast

Oct 28, 2020

#builtforthis VIDEO 4 with Wilhelm Hast
Interviewed by Wyn Morgan & Shailia Stephens

Are you ready for another perspective on how we're all built for this thing called life, even in uncertain times like a pandemic?

In today's #builtforthis interview Wilhelm Hast, a leadership coach and business owner from Sweden shares his experience of losing 90% of his client work within the first three months of the pandemic.

His first question was: "What do we do now?" And his first reaction was to tense up, move in and out of frustration and overthinking.

In this interview with Wilhelm Hast, you'll hear about the "game" he set up for himself and his team to meet the challenge at hand.

The only rules of the game were to 1) take action whenever they felt a sense of clarity and inner knowing and 2) pause whenever they felt a lack of clarity and tension, choosing not to indulge in overthinking.

We highly recommend today's interview with Wilhelm Hast, as he beautifully and simply describes the "Principle of Mind" and the "Principle of Thought" as they relate to the practicality of taking action in business.

Listening to people and their learnings about overcoming personal challenges and business struggles is inspiring. Don't you agree?

See you next week for the last episode of the #builtforthis series.

Much love,
Lea & Shailia


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