Lea's "My Secret Life" Story

Aug 10, 2021

Secret life: Lea thought that constantly analyzing herself would solve her problems. She went from stress to too much alcohol and excessive shopping to finally finding peace of mind and an on-going sense of ease.

Believing that happiness lies in the understanding of all things, as a young adult Lea began analyzing everything. She analyzed her family history and its apparent effect on her. She analyzed her own personality traits and behaviors.

She analyzed life in general, down to the smallest detail.

This led to constant thinking and the overuse of her analytical mind – an innocent and common misunderstanding about what helps. As this did not support her in finding a solution to her stressful everyday life, she only felt even more pressure inside.

Bad habits such as heavy drinking and excessive shopping followed.

And so, she started working even more intensively on herself. She tried self-awareness techniques, spiritual methodologies, and various forms of therapy, which only brought a little peace for a short time.

Until she discovered the "inside-out understanding" that was to change everything for her. In her "My Secret Life" interview, you'll find out what she saw that changed everything for her.

Today, Lea is on a mission to share her new understanding with everyone who wants to worry less and have a lot more fun in life or in business.

She’s the co-founder of "Lea & Shailia", a company dedicated to transforming lives through meaningful conversations, 1:1 and group coaching, professional coach training, and mentoring.

Lea's professional background: Lea has an MA in Special Needs Education, she is a certified Transformative Coach, a Mentor Coach and a Trainer of Transformative Coaches. She is also the author of the book "Fewer Worries – More Fun!"

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