Peace amidst a thunderstorm of dementia and COVID - Interview with Brianne Gebril

Oct 22, 2020

#builtforthis VIDEO 3 with Brianne Gebril
Interviewed by Wyn Morgan & Shailia Stephens

Are you ready for another #builtforthis interview?

Today, you'll hear Wyn Morgan and Shailia Stephens speak with Brianne Gebril about the unique challenge of caring for a parent with advanced dementia who is living in a care facility during a pandemic.

Her story begins as Brianne involuntarily goes from spending several hours a day with her mother to not being able to see her at all.

Brianne's emotional rollercoaster reaches a peak when she's told her mother will have to be moved to another facility.

In this interview, you'll hear what happened when Brianne got some rest for the first time in a good while and realized even more deeply where her well-being actually comes from.

And you'll find out how she fought for what she thought was best for her mom, knowing that she doesn't actually know what's best ...

... considering what we think is good or bad at any given moment is simply down to our current state-of-mind.

We hope you enjoy today's episode and see something new for yourself. Remember, you are built for this! Whatever this is :-)

See you next week with another #builtforthis video.

Much love,
Lea & Shailia


Brianne Grebil is the author of a brand new book about her journey with her mother's Alzheimer's. It's called ...

"Love Doesn't Care If You Forget"

You can find it on amazon here:


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