Rising After a 'Drop'

Apr 05, 2024

Last night, we were all up at 1 am – again. Our little Dalmatian has had some stomach issues for the last several days.

To his and our dismay, he didn’t make it to the door to be let out … and the proof in the pudding was all over the hallway floor.

As I sat there with paper towels and disinfectant, cleaned up the mess, and pondered which doctor to consult for help, I could tell my husband had 'dropped.'

It was late, and he was tired and had a hectic week at work. So it was surprising, but not surprising, when the man who is usually so loving to me and the dogs turned into a poo-poo, too. ๐Ÿ’ฉ

I won’t go into much detail, but annoyance was involved. Critical comments and impossible demands were made, including reprimanding the dog for something he couldn’t control.

You get the picture.

Despite my exhaustion, I was lucky enough to understand what was happening. I could feel compassion rising within me – for my husband and that he had 'dropped,' for myself that I was the subject of his frustration, and for the dog.

I just couldn’t be mad.

I’ve 'dropped' a thousand times in my lifetime and know what it’s like when our level of consciousness falls … and all we can see is our 'stinking thinking,' guilty parties, and unfairness. (Or whatever flavor of thought we’re inclined to have in low moods.)

It’s simply a part of being human. We all drop now and again, some of us more often than others. It can happen unexpectedly.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a good friend who told me she was experiencing a sort of 'funk.' Out of the blue, her highly challenging work which she usually loves and finds exhilarating, looked dire and dangerous.

Within a few days, EVERYTHING began to look very serious and feel heavy. She had 'dropped' but hadn’t realized it.

So, she did what we all do when we drop and don’t realize it; she began to analyze her outside circumstances and worry about managing them, considering they looked perilous.

This worry continued into the night and caused her to lose sleep. The more tired she became, the further she 'dropped.'

I empathized with her current mood and what she saw as her 'reality.' I've made that same innocent mistake countless times.

But I had no real concerns. I knew she would rise again to her brilliant self, arms full of creative solutions that conquer any challenge.

And so she did. She checked in with herself and recognized that she needed a day off. After a little rest, her spirit rose. (By the way, REST is often the direction our inner wisdom leads us when we 'drop.')

We always rise again after we’ve 'dropped.'

This morning, I woke up to my husband's tired, but kind face. His level of consciousness was higher after some sleep.

He didn’t apologize for his 1 a.m. ‘drop.’ But he did show me in his way that he’d been too harsh with us – it was clear he was making an effort to make amends.

I thanked him for that. I got it, completely.

So, just in case you’ve been feeling a bit 'off' … if your life, relationships, business, or the world seems overwhelming, unfair, dangerous, or whatever the 'flavor' …

I invite you to take a minute to check in with yourself and ask yourself a few questions: "Have I 'dropped'?" "Am I believing my 'stinking thinking' about myself, others, or my situation?"

If you can say "yes," then be assured that you’re about to buoy back up to the surface, where everything, including the sun, is shining and everything is clear as day.

You’re one thought away from an entirely more positive experience. I promise! But do go and look for yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So much love,



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