Sonja's journey to a life fully lived


Today, we'd love to show you the power of this understanding called the "3 Principles" by sharing Sonja's story.
Sonja experienced a very difficult childhood and faced enormous life challenges as an adult. And even after years of therapy, there were still some issues she struggled with and wasn’t able to change.
She just couldn't live her life as fully as she wanted to, because her everyday experience was still dictated by fear and insecurity.
Sonja came to us, hoping to finally find peace from her past and her fears ... and be able to live a free, creative and connected life.
This understanding changed everything for her.
"I feel such incredible gratitude. I'm glad wisdom led me to reach out to you.
It's changed my life ... in one week. My life has changed dramatically.
And I get to keep all that. I get to live from that place."
During a one-week online retreat, Sonja gained a totally new perspective on past traumas, life, and being a human being.
All of Sonja's stories about herself and the dangers of life literally disintegrated and fell to the floor. (They continue to do so.)
And in their place, a deep inner knowing emerged that she is deeply OK. No matter what life has in store for her. What an incredible gift.

We're so excited to see what adventures she'll go on to experience.

Listen for yourself what Sonja had to say about our work together and how this understanding changed her life.

Can you relate to Sonja's story?
Are fear, self-doubt, and insecurity – or other things like that – ruling your daily experience?
Do you, too, want to watch all of that fall away and be able to live your life fully?
We want that for you, so very much. And we're here to help you.
Reach out to us, no matter where you are in the world. We'll have a heart-to-heart conversation and see if we can support you.
We can't promise that your whole life will change in a week. But we can tell you that we've seen it happen – many times.
Simply write us an e-mail at [email protected] and we'll contact you for a "get acquainted call". OR click on the link below and "Start by telling us about yourself".
We look forward to hearing from you.
So much love,
Lea & Shailia

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