The Best Job in the Whole World

May 03, 2024

Hello, dear Reader; I hope you are healthy and thriving!

This week felt like such a blessing.

Mother Nature showered her splendor upon the fields, the forest, and the flowers, turning the landscape into a sea of green.

While 'Mind,' the deeper Intelligence behind life, showered insights onto so many people I came into contact with this week.

That’s the beauty of this job called 'Transformative Coaching' …

It’s someone coming in feeling like they’ve got a serious addiction they have to manage with more restrictions and discipline ... and seeing them realize there’s nothing wrong with them, feel happier, and make healthier choices effortlessly.

It's hearing a WhatsApp message and feeling so much joy as a client giddily shares they went dancing for the first time in ages, having been stuck in a state of exhaustion for years.

Witnessing her wake up to the illusion of her stressful thinking, fall into presence, connect with the deeper intelligence, and then design her dream business from a place of calm knowing.

It’s listening to someone tell me they’re stuck in a 'mindf#+&' (pardon my French), following someone else’s advice on how to grow an online following but hating every minute of it.

Then, hearing herself say that her best and most successful business ideas always came from her own creative inspiration – without exception.

Watching her settle down and feel into what she really wants in life—spending precious time with her family, nurturing her body and her wellbeing, and creating meaningful connections with her loyal customers.

Instead of getting lost in an online trend, she's taking control of her wonderful life again!

It’s someone else noticing how much effort they’ve been expending to manage their emotions—always trying to stay at a safe and acceptable level of feeling.

Then being there to see her relax that need to control a bit and just take off for a wonderful weekend with the love of her life.

How amazing is that?!

Each beautiful BEING coming alive, feeling lighter, and getting wiser each time I see them … all from looking within for their own bespoke insights.

This has to be one of the coolest jobs in the world … and I’m lucky to get to do it.

Wishing you the same blessings in all that you do!

So much love,



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