Transform Pain into Power: Your Body's Untold Story

Nov 02, 2023


Do you realize how amazing your body is?

It translates the energy of Thought into physical sensations – even into pain!

Allow me to give you an example, …

During yesterday's early morning dog walk, I found myself consumed by insecure thoughts, fearing that someone I love was about to abandon me.

My body responded immediately ...

My forehead tightened and began to ache, and my ears grew hot and started ringing.

I couldn't stop the thoughts from gaining momentum, and the more they grew, the stronger my body reacted.

Eventually, I found myself in my car, heading to the gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes.

I hardly smoke, but occasionally, when I feel stressed, I puff a few to help myself relax … and this was one of those times!

The ordeal lasted just a few hours (although it felt like forever), before finally coming to an end.

These days I am awake to the energy of Thought and can generally let it flow and let it go, without taking it too seriously.

But it wasn’t always like that: Until I was 40, I was mostly unaware of the body's remarkable ability to transform the energy of Thought into sensations.

Back then, I certainly didn't realize that clinging to stressful thoughts (for about two decades!) was the thing causing the overwhelming issues I was experiencing in my body.

I mean, four years of intense pain and numbness on my left side, along with a chronically racing heart, insomnia, and exhaustion.

I went to all the specialists: a neurologist, a cardiologist, an orthopedic doctor, even the gynecologist – they found nothing.

Highly offended by the diagnosis of a psychosomatic issue, I was referred to a psychologist and later to a psychiatrist.

Things got worse! Can you imagine? But then …

After eight months of treatment with an osteopath, just before I moved from Munich to Frankfurt, he told me this during our final session …

Mrs. Stephens, your only issue is that you're not in touch with your HEART; you're living your life solely from your head. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿซ€๐Ÿ’ญ

Initially, I thought, "How dare he! What a jerk!" But something inside me knew he was speaking Truth.

Essentially he was saying: Your body is directly converting your anxious, stressful, and worrisome thoughts into physical pain.

Today with my new understanding, I would add …

In this particular case, your body isn't telling you about the actual state of your health.

It's giving you a signal that you're frightening yourself with your own thoughts … and it’s inviting you to stop doing that.

If you ignore it, the signal grows louder – or it might even make you shut down for a while to ensure you get some much-needed rest.

What a genius gift the body is, if we understand its role in our divine design!

Am I suggesting that ALL physical pain is caused by our thoughts? Certainly not!

If you step on a nail, you'll likely get a hole in your foot. OUCH!!!I simply wanted to highlight one of the ways our body plays a role in our mental health and emotional well-being, indicating when we are "offline."

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If German isn't your language, feel free to send me a message and let me know if you see something fresh for yourself today.

So much love โค๏ธ


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