What a brain does – „Insight Circle“-Masterclass with Dr. Amy Johnson

Mar 25, 2021
In this new recording of an "Insight Circle" Masterclass, Dr. Amy Johnson tells us in simple terms what a brain does.

Spoiler alert: In addition to its many life-sustaining tasks, it also creates a whole lot of nonsense and produces a ton of thoughts that we take very personally!

We found this call with Dr. Amy Johnson incredibly valuable and wanted to share it with you.
Don't let the English / German translation irritate your brain. The slowed-down pace has the ability to foster new insights.
So, back to the brain:

The main job of a human brain is to keep our physical body alive. In that area, it is an absolute expert.

Because the job of a brain is so complex, all of its processes are focused on efficiency. And so the brain categorizes experiences, pigeonholes them, and uncritically repeats everything that has kept us alive before.

For our physical survival, these repetitive processes are absolutely necessary. In terms of our emotional, mental, and spiritual lives, the brain's repetitiveness is very limited in its usefulness.

Because every brain – due to its love for us and in accordance with its main function – serves us thousands of repetitive thoughts every day.

Thoughts about potential lack, possible threats and certain negative consequences. Insecure, comparative, and cautionary thoughts about a not knowable, but imagined future.

That's what a brain does. That's what every brain does.

And despite the very convincing appearance that these thoughts are about you, the content of these thoughts have nothing – absolutely nothing – to do with you. 

(Let that sink in. That's MIND BLOWING!).

The brain, while an awesome survival tool, is not a good source of real information or real answers for our lives.

And the brain doesn't know that a deeper intelligence live, breathes and moves us – or that life can truly be easy.

In this "Insight Circle" Masterclass, Dr. Amy Johnson points in the direction of our true intelligence and to the impersonal nature of our brain function and thinking processes.

Don't miss this brilliant 90 minutes!

Inside are plenty of gold nuggets for your life. And – if you have one – for your business, too.

So much love,
Lea & Shailia

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