You Are Society: Change Yourself ...

Mar 22, 2024

Hello dear Reader,

It’s easy to look out into the world and feel disheartened by what we see – ungrateful people, excessive consumption, too little compassion, too much noise (in the media, your industry, wherever).

Sydney Banks who discovered the ‘3 Principles’ said it simply:

“You are society. Change yourself and the world will change.”

If this is true, then these things must also hold true …

If you want more peace and less conflict, find peace within yourself. Expand your capacity to love if you yearn for a more loving world. If you crave more signal and less noise, quiet your mind.

One path toward this is engaging in meaningful conversations that reveal our true essence – sometimes I call it 'listening to Truth'.

That's precisely what yesterday's watch party was about – hearing Sydney Banks' first student, Elsie Spittle, share her journey of overcoming depression and anger to discover her true worthiness

… recognizing and tapping into the hidden wellspring of wisdom, understanding, and love that reside within us all.

If you find yourself wanting a change in your life, your business, or the world at large … listen in.

You can find the interview in our "My Secret Life – Interview Series" (Day 5):

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

So much love,



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