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We are alive

Jul 23, 2020

Hey, how have you been? We've been thinking about you.
Most of our team is enjoying their summer holiday at the moment.
But we still wanted to take a few moments to share some moments of insight with you. This is what it looks like ...
In the next few weeks, we're going to share a weekly inspiration with you. Things we've seen about this understanding of life and being human called the 3 Principles.
We hope these moments of insight will sweeten your summer and help you to see more for yourself.
This week, Lea is kicking us off by sharing her thoughts and insights about a quote from Dicken Bettinger: "We are alive."
It sounds so simple, but actually it holds so much depth.
(BTW: This "3P Moment" is a snippet from our last "Totally Human" 3 Day Online Retreat.)
Enjoy and you'll be hearing from us again next week.
Much love,
Lea Wernli & Shailia Stephens

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