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Our relationship to the snow in the globe

Aug 06, 2020

How are things in your neck of the woods?

Here in Europe, we're having a fabulously warm summer – at least, for the most part.

Today we're taking a "3P Moment" to explore an intrinsically wintery environment: We're looking at the inside workings of a snow globe.

Probably just like you, we've heard many beautiful metaphors about "The Principle of Thought". However, the snow globe really stood out to us.

And in today's audio, we share our interpretation of this metaphor and explain how it can support us in navigating through life with more ease, clarity, and simplicity.

We hope you enjoy it and you'll be hearing from us next week.

Much love,
Shailia Stephens & Lea Wernli


This "3P Moment" is an excerpt from our last "Totally Human – 3 Day Online Retreat".

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