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The fact of our thinking


These hot summer days have us longing for just a little more snow from our beloved snow globe metaphor. Agree? OK, let's go for it!

In today's "3P Moment" we talk in more detail about the snow in our snow globe. And we answer a question we often get regarding the content of our thinking versus the fact of our thinking.

Here's the thing ...

The moment we place our attention on the snow, aka the content of our personal thinking, things get cloudy and life feels uncomfortable.

Where's the misunderstanding? It's in believing the snow is the whole show ... aka in believing it's our reality, identity, or problem.

When we think the snow is the whole show ... when we get caught up in the content of our personal thinking ... we suffer. Blue, pink, or green snow? It really doesn't matter.

In today's audio, we look to the fact of our thinking. We hope you'll hear something new. See you again next week

Much love,
Shailia Stephens-Würsig & Lea Wernli

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