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"My Secret Life" Interview with Dr. George Pransky



About Dr. George Pransky

Dr. George Pransky is one of the most respected professionals in the "3 Principles" community. He was closely mentored by Sydney Banks for 30 years. Together with his wife Linda and their team at Pransky & Associates, he has worked with couples, parents, individuals, and business leaders around the world, and trained and mentored hundreds of coaches and practitioners.

In this touching interview, Dr. George Pransky speaks about the inner darkness he fell into after experiencing a massive stroke, through which he lost his capabilities for speech and memory for a time.

Due to the stroke, George couldn’t function at all the way that he was used to. His spirits became very low and the confidence he had previously felt during his long professional career as a 3P Lecturer and Teacher was greatly affected.

In the midst of his rehabilitation, George found himself in a very dark place. He couldn’t imagine being able to recover from the blow of...


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