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A Prayer for Lightness: When Life Has Become Heavy

Nov 14, 2023

Lately, when things feel heavy, I don't try to get through it on my own.

I pray and ask for support; I call on the greater Mind.

A Prayer for Lightness

Dear Heavenly Father, Beautiful Spirit Mother, Divine All-Oneness,

The weight of my experience feels too heavy to hold.

Let me wake up from this bad dream, open my eyes, and see the Truth of who I am – simply the dreamer.

Help me notice the place where a lighter feeling is always arising within me.

Take my hand and walk with me a bit as I am coming back to my senses.

Guide me towards appreciation and awe for all that I am.

Direct my focus firmly on what I have rather than what I lack.

Remind me how incredible and capable I am.

Show me how close I am to joy – a single thought away.

As I find contentment in what is and restore my well-being, may a sense of lightness emanate within me, around me, and from me.

Let us watch together as it heals everything.


I hope this prayer blesses you


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