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"My Secret Life" Interview with Ivalo Arnfjord



About Ivalo Arnfjord

Ivalo Arnfjord is a Ph.D. Stunden, a "3 Principles" Practioner, and a loving wife and mother.

Ivalo grew up in South Greenland in a family of six. During the week, her family life was mostly stable. On the weekends, her parents' difficult relationship was magnified by the influence of alcohol, creating an unsafe space for Ivalo and her siblings.

To make up for her parents' lack, Ivalo took on adult responsibilities at home. When she wasn't in the role of a "little mom", she was digging into books to escape her family problems. Shy and hiding from life, she felt alone and not like everyone else.

The only way to reach her community of thirty-thousand inhabitants was by boat or helicopter. And as she got older, Ivalo felt increasingly isolated and also geographically stuck. After a brief stay abroad, she returned home to weekend partying, alcohol, and even stealing, as there was little else to do.

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