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"My Secret Life" Interview with Mavis Karn



About Mavis Karn

Mavis Karn is a masterful teacher and coach who has been sharing the "3 Principles" and working with clients for over 40 years. Being in her presence feels like sitting in a seat of calmness. For Mavis, this feeling is a natural byproduct of slowing down and releasing anything from our minds.

When Mavis stumbled across the "3 Principles" back in 1974, she expected to be attending "the usual" seminar related to her job as a social worker. She was bone tired, practically burnt out, and ready to take a few days of "paid vacation" from her draining daily work with challenged families. 

What Mavis took away from that seminar with Dr. Roger Mills and his team was a deep insight that she couldn't even put into words at the time. Looking back, Mavis had seen that there is nothing wrong with anyone, and it totally blew her mind. 

Nothing wrong! This was a revelation to her.

You see, all of her work with families until then had solely been based on the...


"My Secret Life" Interview with Rob Cook



About Rob Cook

Rob is a Speaker, Host, "3 Principles" Coach, and Founder "unFIT". Being unFIT is challenging the norms to thrive in any circumstance, recognizing your true nature, so you'll never compromise yourself again. Rob's vision is to "End Human Suffering." His mission is to create projects which bring mental health to the forefront in a new way. 

Rob was born and raised in the inner-city of Birmingham, Alabama against a racially charged background and amidst poverty, crime, and violence. His decision to join a gang was simple math. The equation: hurt or be hurt.

When he later joined the military Rob realized he was leaving one gang to join another. Only now, he had more training, more guns, and other people to hate.

Throughout his 21 years in the military, Rob always felt his own truth coming through him. But he learned to squash it down and present an image of the good soldier or the...


"My Secret Life" Interview with Grace Kelly



About Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is a "3 Principles" based coach. She accompanies people on their way to more joy, fulfillment in life, and inner well-being. She is also the author of a very touching blog on which she shares her fresh and personal insights about the loss of her life partner Francesco.

After leaving her job as a teacher, Grace Kelly became a coach and a successful one at that. After a while, it wasn't unusual to find her jetting around the globe and mentoring women on powerful retreats in exotic locations.

Until she decided to take a break from it all. During this time off, she came across the "3 Principles" and an immersion event with Michael Neil which took place in Barcelona.

As Grace arrived, she was utterly caught up in judgmental thinking. She found the city far too noisy, felt disconnected from the other event participants, and was worried about how the...


"My Secret Life" Interview with Siobhán Friel



About Siobhán Friel

Siobhán Friel is a "3 Principles" based coach who works with people who want to stop feeling so anxious, overwhelmed, worried, fearful, and stressed. She can't wait for her clients to find peace and enjoy their time on the planet.

When Siobhán Friel was a young girl, she looked out into the world and felt like something was missing. In her perception of life, other people were moving along effortlessly and accomplishing things much more easily than she was.

Everyone else was better, brighter, and just getting life. Whereas Siobhán didn't get it at all, and certainly she didn't fit in. Such was her estimation. To feel better, Siobhán turned to alcohol and drugs and developed an eating disorder.

Later on, after she had gotten sober, Siobhán experienced an unexpected brush with death. And following that extended hospital stay with sepsis, she came out rail thin.

So, here she was:...


"My Secret Life" Interview with Dr. George Pransky



About Dr. George Pransky

Dr. George Pransky is one of the most respected professionals in the "3 Principles" community. He was closely mentored by Sydney Banks for 30 years. Together with his wife Linda and their team at Pransky & Associates, he has worked with couples, parents, individuals, and business leaders around the world, and trained and mentored hundreds of coaches and practitioners.

In this touching interview, Dr. George Pransky speaks about the inner darkness he fell into after experiencing a massive stroke, through which he lost his capabilities for speech and memory for a time.

Due to the stroke, George couldn’t function at all the way that he was used to. His spirits became very low and the confidence he had previously felt during his long professional career as a 3P Lecturer and Teacher was greatly affected.

In the midst of his rehabilitation, George found himself in a very dark place. He couldn’t imagine being able to recover from the blow of...


"My Secret Life" Interview with Ivalo Arnfjord



About Ivalo Arnfjord

Ivalo Arnfjord is a Ph.D. Stunden, a "3 Principles" Practioner, and a loving wife and mother.

Ivalo grew up in South Greenland in a family of six. During the week, her family life was mostly stable. On the weekends, her parents' difficult relationship was magnified by the influence of alcohol, creating an unsafe space for Ivalo and her siblings.

To make up for her parents' lack, Ivalo took on adult responsibilities at home. When she wasn't in the role of a "little mom", she was digging into books to escape her family problems. Shy and hiding from life, she felt alone and not like everyone else.

The only way to reach her community of thirty-thousand inhabitants was by boat or helicopter. And as she got older, Ivalo felt increasingly isolated and also geographically stuck. After a brief stay abroad, she returned home to weekend partying, alcohol, and even stealing, as there was little else to do.

One night, after...


"My Secret Life" Interview with Lori Carpenos



About Lori Carpenos

Lori Carpenos is a trained Therapist, Life Coach, Business Consultant, "3 Principles" Trainer, Speaker, Author of "The Secret of Love", and Founder of the "Mystery School“.

In 1985 Lori Carpenos met Sydney Banks, a Scottish-born philosopher and lecturer who was sharing his profound insight and his understanding of life (which later became known as the "3 Principles") at a seminar she was attending.

At the time, Lori was a young art teacher, and her dear colleague and fellow artist had just moved to another job, leaving Lori feeling lost, alone and depressed. Wanting to feel better, she started a cycle of psychotherapy that landed her in a darker place than where she started.

After her first encounter with Mr. Banks, Lori felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders. Their meeting put her on a path of personal discovery and insight.

This led her to a clear knowledge of where mental well-being and self-confidence, the...


"My Secret Life" Interview with Dr. Bill Pettit



About Dr. Bill Pettit

Dr. Bill Pettit is a board-certified psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience in the clinical practice of psychiatry. He is a student of Sydney Banks and still joyfully sharing the "3 Principles", long after most clinicians have retired.

When Dr. Bill Pettit first heard Sydney Banks speak on April 1, 1983, he knew within the first 30 minutes of the lecture that he was hearing something that would completely and positively change his life.

Before that day, he had personally experienced a failed marriage, decades of depression, and was constantly looking over his shoulder toward the "black cloud" which followed him everywhere he went.

At the time he felt broken and disillusioned about his profession. During his psychiatric training, he heard over 800 lectures on mental illness, but never one lecture on mental health. He was weary of dampening his clients’ symptoms with medication – providing them some relief from their anxiety,...


Want to hear our Czech Talk?


Here in Europe, Spring has arrived. The flowers and trees are blooming in full expression of the life force.

In celebration of the new season, we thought it’d be fun to share a talk with you that we recently gave at a 3P Academy in the Czech Republic (led by Martin Jotov, our beloved colleague and friend).
As so often, this talk contains two languages in one recording: one-half English (our talk) and one-half Czech (the translation of our talk).
We keep sending these mixed language videos to you because:
  1. We believe they're very impactful.
  2. Despite the initial irritation, people are loving them.
  3. You’ve told us that the slowed-down pace and the concise wording have affected you on a deeper level.
So, why change a winning concept ;-)
Enjoy to the fullest and may insight hit you like a ton of bricks (without any of the usual pain), …
… as we share our personal transformational stories and speak about realizing the power of Mind,...

Bettina hat tiefe Gelassenheit, höhere Preise und mehr Kunden. Willst du das auch?


Heute kommt eine Info mit Business-Coaching-Kontext.

Wusstest du, dass zurzeit über 80% unserer Kundinnen Einzelunternehmerinnen mit Business-Themen sind?  Eine davon ist die wunderbare Bettina Gruber aus Salzburg.

Kürzlich in einem Interview sagte Bettina lachend über uns, dass wir die zwei lästigsten Coaches sind, die sie kennt. Sie hat recht. Denn wir zeigen unnachgiebig in Richtung eines leichten, stressfreien und doch erfolgreichen Businesses.
Wäre das etwas für dich? Wenn ja ...

Nächste Woche haben wir einige Termine für dich frei gemacht, um über dein Business zu sprechen und um klar zu werden, ob ein Business-Coaching mit uns zurzeit das Richtige für dich ist.
Willst du einen Teil unseres Interviews mit Bettina hören? Darin erzählt sie von ihren persönlichen Erfahrungen...

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