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"Deep Listening" Online Workshop with Mavis Karn

Sep 21, 2021
Online Workshop Invitation:  "Deep Listening" with Mavis Karn
Date: September 24, 2021
Time: 11 am US Eastern Time | 5 pm Central European Time

ℹ Please follow the link below for 
information about the workshop >>
Deep Listening – Online Workshop
In the space of loving presence, calmness and clarity appear.
Experience the transformative power of deep listening.
Listening with nothing on your mind, listening from a higher state of awareness: Deep listening has the power to impact lives and change the world.
At this event, you'll get ...
  • 4 hours of LIVE immersion into the art of deep listening
  • impulses, reflections & exercises to learn this way of tuning in
  • a talk by and interaction with our guest speaker Mavis Karn
  • to participate in English (with direct translation into German)
  • access to the workshop from your desktop or mobile...

„Deep Listening“ Online-Workshop mit Mavis Karn

Sep 21, 2021

Du bist herzlich ❤️ eingeladen zum „Deep Listening“ Online-Workshop mit Mavis Karn.
Datum: Freitag, den 24. September 2021
Zeit: 17 bis 22 Uhr CEST

ℹ Alle Infos sowie die Anmeldung zum
Workshop findest du über diesen Link >>
 „Deep Listening“ Online-Workshop
In einem Raum liebevoller Präsenz treten Ruhe und Klarheit auf.
Erlebe die transformative Kraft von „Deep Listening“.
Zuhören ohne Agenda, Dasein aus einem höheren Bewusstseinszustand: „Deep Listening“ hat die Kraft, Menschenleben zu verändern – und die Welt mit.
In diesem Workshop erhältst du ...
  • 4 STD gemeinsames Eintauchen in die Kunst des tiefen Zuhörens
  • Impulse, Reflexionen und Übungen zum Erlernen dieser Art des Zuhörens
  • einen kurzen Vortrag von sowie Interaktion mit unserer Gastrednerin Mavis Karn
  • ...

"Less is more" with Grace Kelly and Mavis Karn

Apr 02, 2021
You've probably heard people say "less is more". But what could this actually mean for your own life, if it weren't just an empty phrase?
Less stress, less tension and less exhaustion. Does this sound like something you could benefit from?
If so, then you might be interested in a brand-new workshop with 3P Coaches (and two of our favorite people) Mavis Karn and Grace Kelly.
Next week on Friday, these two incredible women will be sharing what they've seen deeply about "less is more".
Here's what they have to say about their workshop:

"We'd like to point you to the possibility that what you're trying to achieve has less to do with 'doing' and more with what you quit doing. If this speaks to you and you'd like to end cycles of hard effort, exhaustion and stress, you'll love this workshop."
In the video above, you will already get a sneak peek on the...

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