Creating effortless momentum

As smart and strategic as I like to think I am, the fact is, I lose a lot at games ... board games, dice games, role-playing games, tile-based games, word games, you name it. However, there’s one exception. It’s a card game called „Solo“, a variation on „Uno“ which I found in the game section of a Swiss toy store a few years back.

I almost always win at „Solo“! :-)

What makes „Solo“ different from „Uno“ is that it has one extra rule that speeds up the pace of play significantly and two extra cards that can cause you to loose your whole hand to someone else in an instant.

I think I’m successful at „Solo“, because the game moves so quickly that I don’t have enough time to overthink my next move. And since I can lose all my cards at any moment, I don’t get attached to the cards in my hand and just play full on and fearlessly.

(When I’ve got a steal card in my hand, I jokingly...


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