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"My Secret Life" Interview with Siobhán Friel



About Siobhán Friel

Siobhán Friel is a "3 Principles" based coach who works with people who want to stop feeling so anxious, overwhelmed, worried, fearful, and stressed. She can't wait for her clients to find peace and enjoy their time on the planet.

When Siobhán Friel was a young girl, she looked out into the world and felt like something was missing. In her perception of life, other people were moving along effortlessly and accomplishing things much more easily than she was.

Everyone else was better, brighter, and just getting life. Whereas Siobhán didn't get it at all, and certainly she didn't fit in. Such was her estimation. To feel better, Siobhán turned to alcohol and drugs and developed an eating disorder.

Later on, after she had gotten sober, Siobhán experienced an unexpected brush with death. And following that extended hospital stay with sepsis, she came out rail thin.

So, here she was:...


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