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Heidi wanted a business strategy and got so much more! Do you want that, too?

Apr 07, 2021
In today's e-mail, we're focussing on business (and projects).
Whatever you're creating in the world, we'd like you to know that an easier and more effortless success is not a distant dream ... but rather a real possibility for you right now.

Heidi Rabbach – an already successful blogger in the area of DIY for families – had the goal to reposition her services.

Heidi is a smart business lady and she was looking for a smart business coach with a tough strategic plan for her "next seven steps to becoming a high-priced coach."

Even though we offered her something completely different, she said YES to us .... and got so much more than she ever could have imagined.
During her first 6 years of self-employment, this mother of three young children created a successful online business.

Despite her success, she had outgrown her original area of expertise and was aiming to re-position herself in a new area. Her goal: to help women learn to eat intuitively.
"I was...

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