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Loss as a doorway to love

Mar 09, 2021

Grace has been learning about and looking in the direction of the "3 Principles" for a while now. But it wasn't until her fiance's death that this understanding truly sunk in for her.

In this recording of a live talk, she speaks about her experience of grief, which comes to her without all the usual, extra layers of fear and worry.
And she points us in the direction of a deeper love that's available to all of us – in times of loss, uncertainty, and beyond.
The amazing thing is: Even after the greatest loss of her life – still so fresh – Grace feels an ever-growing sense of presence, peace, and solid ground beneath her feet.

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So much love, 
Lea & Shailia

What if there's no problem to solve?

Feb 19, 2021

Excerpt from a live stream with Lea Wernli, Shailia Stephens, and Robin Taffin d'Heursel

In the areas of life and business, the market for solutions is at its peak. Everyone is looking for the solution to their problems.

But what if you don't need a solution at all, because your problem doesn't really exist. If that just provoked your rational mind, watch the video.

In this week's video, we're speaking with Robin Taffin d'Heursel about this highly philosophical question: Is there something in this understanding that can help us to realize that problems and problem-solving are unnecessary?

That maybe there's nothing else to do, but to wake to this moment.

It's literally a big leap of faith that leads to the seeing of this possibility. But it's well worth a look.

What's your no-bullshit detector telling you? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Just drop us a quick e-mail: [email protected].

So much love,
Lea & Shailia



Psychological freedom and how to get it

Feb 12, 2021

Excerpt from LIVE stream with Lea Wernli, Shailia Stephens, and Robin Taffin d'Heursel

In today's video excerpt, we're speaking with Transformative Coach Robin Taffin d'Heursel.

Listen in as Robin talks about psychological freedom and tells us what a broken arm has to do with forgetting about our natural state.

Also, hearing his computer metaphors may answer your questions about HOW to get back to your natural state.

In this new video, Robin explains how we can tap into our innate well-being by simply recognizing the superfluous nature of so many of the thought processes going on in our minds.

And he points to one of the most important questions on this path: Are the things I'm constantly telling myself actually true?

There's something inside of us that already knows the answer. And we can hear the Truth in what Robin is sharing. Isn't that beautiful?

Our hope for you: the freedom to leave the "MUSTS", "SHOULDS" and "RIGHT WAYS" of doing things behind you.

So much love,
Lea &...


We are the thinkers and not our thinking

Feb 05, 2021

 Excerpt from a LIVE stream with Lea Wernli, Shailia Stephens, and Dr. Orit Eshel

Are you ready for another "cookie"?

Today, we're serving up the next video excerpt from our recent Facebook live stream called "Coffee, Cookies & Conversations".

In this talk with Dr. Orit Eshel: realizing we're the thinkers and not our thinking, and how gaining a bit of distance to our personal human experience brings us right back to our innate well-being.

Probably like yourself, we experienced periods of uncertainty and also feelings of overwhelm and frustration in the last year.

And even though 2021 started pretty much the way 2020 ended, the awareness we're speaking about (in the video above) has given us a much more calm and loving perspective, on ourselves and the world.

Every day, it helps us to recognize much more quickly when we're falling for the idea that something "out there" is the source of our experience. And as we fall back into presence, we see our wisdom.



Being OK with not being OK

Jan 29, 2021

Excerpt from a LIVE stream with Lea Wernli, Shailia Stephens, and Dr. Orit Eshel

We’d love to share some bite-size treats out of our Facebook live streams from December 2020 called "Coffee, Cookies & Conversations".

This week's little cookie is a video excerpt from our conversation with Israeli-born Dr. Orit Eshel.

In this video, we’re talking about being OK with not being OK, the principle of Thought, and how we have a wonderful built-in guidance system for navigating life. Each insight a marvelous reminder for all of us. Keep an eye out in the next weeks, as we’ll be sharing more of these insightful conversations.

We're with you in spirit and wish you hope, courage and serenity … wherever you are on the inside and the outside.

So much love,
Lea & Shailia


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Telling our secrets on "Changeable"

Jan 21, 2021

Podcast interview with Dr. Amy Johnson, Lea Wernli, and Shailia Stephens

We were privileged to be guests of the warmest and most engaging woman on her podcast "Changeable" with the wonderful Dr. Amy Johnson.

We talked about our secret lives and had a deep conversation with our host about life and being human.

Listen to the FULL conversation in Amy`s podcast "Changeable" >>


Here is what Amy shared about this episode:

Lea Wernli and Shailia Stephens led secret lives. Lea had everything she thought she could want, and yet she secretly drank, ate and shopped for more than she wanted.
As for Shailia, she kept rising in her marketing career, only to come home from work flooded with worry and anxiety. When they came across the New Paradigm, everything changed for both of them ...


We are incredibly...


The wonders of life

Dec 18, 2020

 Excerpt from a LIVE stream with Lea Wernli, Shailia Stephens, and their guests

In this video we're talking about the "Wonders of Life" with our beautiful guests:

  • Jamie Smart
  • Mary Schiller
  • Judy Nahkies
  • Dr. Amy Johnson

This conversation is part of our extended Facebook LIVE stream titled "Coffee, Cookies & Conversation" from December 18, 2020.

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We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Lea & Shailia



Corona and creative decision making in business – Interview with Francesca Addabbo

Oct 15, 2020

#builtforthis VIDEO 2 with Francesca Addabbo
Interviewed by Wyn Morgan & Shailia Stephens

Are you ready for a new episode of the
#builtforthis video series?

As these exceptional times continue on, these interviews will give you a fresh perspective from the viewpoint of the "3 Principles".

So today, let's talk about business.

As a restaurant owner and language school operator, our guest Francesca Addabbo is doing business in industries that have been greatly affected by the global pandemic.

Just imagine that your entire livelihood is suddenly at risk ... with no realistic hope for an upswing anytime soon. What might your reaction look like?

In this interview, Francesca talks honestly and humorously about her original panic when first encountering the idea of a shutdown.

And she shares how her understanding of life allowed her to see her next steps with clarity and act with a sense of joy and creativity.

Her story is truly empowering, not only for business owners.

Listen to...

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