Mein geheimes Leben – Etwas stimmt mit mir nicht!

7 days with 21 stories of hidden personal challenges and life-changing aha moments

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7 days with 21 stories of hidden personal challenges and life-changing aha moments

Free online summit starting on

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In this free interview series, people just like you speak openly about personal challenges they kept hidden from the world – out of pride, pain, or shame. You'll find out how they overcame difficult situations, learn from their insights, and know you're not alone – even if you currently think something is wrong with you.

These interviews are
for you, if you want this:

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Less overthinking and stress,
more clarity and flow.

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Leading your life from a place
of inner peace and trust.

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Getting grounded – without 
new tools or techniques. 

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Your summit hostesses

We're Lea Wernli and Shailia Stephens. We've put this online summit together so that you can gain a new understanding of life and yourself and have a much easier experience of being human.

We're certified and experienced coaches as well as "3 Principles" mentors and have over 40 years of combined expertise in coaching, consulting, pedagogy and solopreneurship.

Topics of the 21 interviews

In these interviews, we're delving into topics that often remain hidden from plain sight and are rarely talked about in public. Our guests show up vulnerable and speak about difficult situations and crucial moments in their lives, such as ...

  • anxiety and panic attacks, 
  • depression and suicidal thoughts, 
  • bad habits and addictions, 
  • difficult and abusive relationships, 
  • stress and overwhelm at work and in business, 
  • insecure thinking about themselves, other people, and the world.

Accompany us as we take you on an inner journey – out of the darkness and into the light. A journey of inspiration, hope, and sustainable change for your wonderful life. Are you in?

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Here's a sneak preview

Videos in English and in German with helpful subtitles


All speakers: Dr. Dicken Bettinger, Nicola Bird, Chip Chipman, Dr. Orit Eshel, Dr. Amy Johnson, Martin Jotov, Wyn Morgan, Judy Nahkies, Michael Neill, Barbara Patterson, Linda Pransky, Mary Schiller, Jamie Smart, Elsie Spittle, Robin Taffin, Isa Aepli, Silvia Chytil, Sandra Heim, Elisabeth Löffelad, Andrea Morgenstern, and Katja Symons.

This is what previous
participants had to say ...

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Iris Hochstaetter

"During this summit, I experienced so much warmth. The openness and sincerity of Shailia, Lea, and all of their interview guests left me with feelings of well-being every time I tuned in. The humanity of each individual was palpable, which created a sense of closeness and showed me we're all the same. What would be possible if we could always treat ourselves and others with such love?"

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Vera Schilcher

"After watching the summit interviews, I experienced what felt like a miracle. My binge eating attacks, which had been occurring for four years, disappeared from one day to the next. Even though all of my previous attempts – coaching, therapy, hypnosis, etc. – hadn't worked (long-term). Without being able to articulate it, I felt something during the summit that touched me deeply and changed my life."

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