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Regelmäßige Impulse für
ein freieres, leichteres Leben
und deinen entspannten Erfolg




Von Kontrolle zurück zu Lebensfreude


In dieser Folge erzählt Shailia, wie sie sich mit Eintritt ins Berufsleben als 21-Jährige immer weiter von ihrer natürlichen Lebensfreude entfernt hat und sich den Leistungsansprüchen unserer Gesellschaft unterordnete: Disziplin, Struktur, Strategie…

Doch vor einigen Jahren, durch das Entdecken der 3 Prinzipien von „Mind, Consciousness and Thought“, hat sie einen völlig neuen Zugang zu Business und Beruf entwickelt. Heute ist es nicht mehr der innere Antreiber, der ihr Tun und Denken kontrolliert.

Heute sagt sie: „Das Leben entfaltet sich durch mich.“

Ihre Geschichte ist eine wunderbare Einladung, alles zu hinterfragen, was im eigenen Leben Druck erzeugt.

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Viel Freude beim Anhören, 
Lea & Shailia



"Insights Inside" ist...


How I got my energy back

It's time to get practical! Are you ready for it?

In today's "3P Moment" Shailia shares openly about how she struggled while building her business ... energetically launching new products and programs, always followed by a crash and burn cycle that would take her down for weeks at a time.

Back then, business felt hard to Shailia, and seemed to leave her drained and joyless.

Do you want to find out what she saw that helped her to regain her energy and fall back in love with her business?

For Shailia it was a moment of truth to realize that it wasn't the daily work that her business required that caused her to burn out.

But instead, that it was her permanent thinking ABOUT herself and her business that kept her in a trap of stress and exhaustion.

Let's have a look and see if you also have more things plugged up than your fuse will allow.

Don't know what that means?

Listen in and Shailia will tell you about her little house in Italy and the things she plugged up there. And she...

An Experiment in Consciousness


In the last audio, we introduced you to the turtle and fox to give you a better understanding of the "Principle of Consciousness".

In this week's "3P Moment", Lea will take you on an inner journey, so that you can get a feeling for unchanging Consciousness .

Come and join us for a little experiment ...

Whether you are 5, 10, 20 or 40 years old, there is a part of you that is ageless and completely unaffected by the passing of time, by the characteristics of world of form or even your own thinking.

Maybe who you think you are isn't as solid as you think. And perhaps there's something more pure, more neutral at your core .

Curious to find out?

We hope you enjoy today's audio. See you again next week.

Much love,
Shailia Stephens & Lea Wernli


This "3P Moment" is an excerpt from our last "Totally Human – 3 Day Online Retreat".

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Seeing the world from the turtle's shell

How are you enjoying all the "3P Moments" so far?

Our aim is to provide you with digestible inspiration to further your understanding of the "3 Principles". As you can probably tell by now, we love to speak in metaphors.

And if you liked the last ones – believe us – you'll love today's story of the turtle and the fox as well .

In this audio, Shailia shares what she has seen about "The Principle of Consciousness" and why she values the watcher's perspective.

Listen to this audio to see more about the nature of Consciousness and what it has to do with a turtle watching from its shell.

We hope you enjoy it and you'll be hearing from us next week.

Much love,
Shailia Stephens & Lea Wernli


This "3P Moment" is an excerpt from our last "Totally Human – 3 Day Online Retreat".

Would you like to deepen your 3P understanding?
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The fact of our thinking


These hot summer days have us longing for just a little more snow from our beloved snow globe metaphor. Agree? OK, let's go for it!

In today's "3P Moment" we talk in more detail about the snow in our snow globe. And we answer a question we often get regarding the content of our thinking versus the fact of our thinking.

Here's the thing ...

The moment we place our attention on the snow, aka the content of our personal thinking, things get cloudy and life feels uncomfortable.

Where's the misunderstanding? It's in believing the snow is the whole show ... aka in believing it's our reality, identity, or problem.

When we think the snow is the whole show ... when we get caught up in the content of our personal thinking ... we suffer. Blue, pink, or green snow? It really doesn't matter.

In today's audio, we look to the fact of our thinking. We hope you'll hear something new. See you again next week

Much love,
Shailia Stephens-Würsig & Lea Wernli

This "3P Moment" is an...


Our relationship to the snow in the globe


How are things in your neck of the woods?

Here in Europe, we're having a fabulously warm summer – at least, for the most part.

Today we're taking a "3P Moment" to explore an intrinsically wintery environment: We're looking at the inside workings of a snow globe.

Probably just like you, we've heard many beautiful metaphors about "The Principle of Thought". However, the snow globe really stood out to us.

And in today's audio, we share our interpretation of this metaphor and explain how it can support us in navigating through life with more ease, clarity, and simplicity.

We hope you enjoy it and you'll be hearing from us next week.

Much love,
Shailia Stephens & Lea Wernli


This "3P Moment" is an excerpt from our last "Totally Human – 3 Day Online Retreat".

Would you like to deepen your 3P understanding?
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Finding Mind in the Sky


Hi, how are you?

We're still very much enjoying the beautiful summer sunshine.

In this week's "3P Moments with Lea & Shailia", we continue to explore the "Principle of Mind".

What we've noticed over the last years is, that while the "Principle of Thought" is usually easy for most people to grasp rather quickly, the "Principle of Mind" can be a bit more elusive.

Perhaps because we get so caught up in our thinking, that the feeling and the miracle of the aliveness of life get veiled for a time.

Here's the thing, you won't get it intellectually .
But you're very likely to find the feeling of it in everyday miracles.

That's why this audio is best enjoyed while lying in the grass somewhere, looking up.

This "3P Moment" is an excerpt from our last "Totally Human" 3 Day Online Retreat.

We hope you enjoy it and you'll be hearing from us again next week.

Much love,
Shailia Stephens & Lea Wernli


We are alive


Hey, how have you been? We've been thinking about you.
Most of our team is enjoying their summer holiday at the moment.
But we still wanted to take a few moments to share some moments of insight with you. This is what it looks like ...
In the next few weeks, we're going to share a weekly inspiration with you. Things we've seen about this understanding of life and being human called the 3 Principles.
We hope these moments of insight will sweeten your summer and help you to see more for yourself.
This week, Lea is kicking us off by sharing her thoughts and insights about a quote from Dicken Bettinger: "We are alive."
It sounds so simple, but actually it holds so much depth.
(BTW: This "3P Moment" is a snippet from our last "Totally Human" 3 Day Online Retreat.)
Enjoy and you'll be hearing from us again next week.
Much love,
Lea Wernli & Shailia Stephens

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