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Do you want to see the whole elephant?

Apr 29, 2021

For the past three months, we've had the pleasure to welcome the wonderful Dr. Amy Johnson, founder of the "Little School of BIG Change", as a guest speaker on our "Insight Circle".
One thing that stuck with all of us was her story of the "whole elephant" and the "hot stove" as metaphors for gaining insight into unwanted habits, addictive behavior, and even anxiety.
Even if it might seem strange to you as an English-speaker to hear the German translation as Amy is talking, this direct translation method has a fascinating side effect.
It slows down the speaker considerably, and the mind of the listener is allowed to slow down as well.
The speaker is (even more) focused on the essence of what wants to be said, and your chances of hearing something new and helpful increase.
In any case, we hope you enjoy hearing about the "whole elephant" and the "hot stove".

So much love,
Lea & Shailia

What a brain does – „Insight Circle“-Masterclass with Dr. Amy Johnson

Mar 25, 2021
In this new recording of an "Insight Circle" Masterclass, Dr. Amy Johnson tells us in simple terms what a brain does.

Spoiler alert: In addition to its many life-sustaining tasks, it also creates a whole lot of nonsense and produces a ton of thoughts that we take very personally!

We found this call with Dr. Amy Johnson incredibly valuable and wanted to share it with you.
Don't let the English / German translation irritate your brain. The slowed-down pace has the ability to foster new insights.
So, back to the brain:

The main job of a human brain is to keep our physical body alive. In that area, it is an absolute expert.

Because the job of a brain is so complex, all of its processes are focused on efficiency. And so the brain categorizes experiences, pigeonholes them, and uncritically repeats everything that has kept us alive before.

For our physical survival, these repetitive processes are absolutely necessary. In terms of our emotional, mental, and spiritual...

Was ein Gehirn macht – „Insight Circle“-Masterclass mit Dr. Amy Johnson

Mar 24, 2021

Bei uns gibt es einen monatlichen Call, den niemand verpassen möchte.

Der virtuelle Raum ist jedes Mal prall gefüllt, sobald wir die Türen für alle öffnen. Das ist unser monatlicher „Insight Circle“-Call.

Lea und ich freuen uns genauso sehr auf ihn wie unsere „Insight Circle"- Mitglieder. Er ist wirklich etwas Besonders. Was macht ihn aus?

  • Profunde Wahrheiten, die in klar verständlicher Sprache und einfachen Bildern verpackt sind.
  • Lebensweisheiten, die anfänglich banal klingen, die aber eine große Kraft und das Potenzial in sich tragen, alles im Leben eines Menschen zu verändern.
  • Ein stark entschleunigtes Tempo, das unser aufgedrehter Verstand zu Anfang sehr irritiert, das aber mit der Zeit Balsam für die Seele ist und Türen für Erkenntnis aufmacht.
  • Wechselnde Gäste aus der Welt der "drei Prinzipien" (Dr. Amy Johnson, Dr. Dicken Bettinger, Mavis Karn...

Telling our secrets on "Changeable"

Jan 21, 2021

Podcast interview with Dr. Amy Johnson, Lea Wernli, and Shailia Stephens

We were privileged to be guests of the warmest and most engaging woman on her podcast "Changeable" with the wonderful Dr. Amy Johnson.

We talked about our secret lives and had a deep conversation with our host about life and being human.

Listen to the FULL conversation in Amy`s podcast "Changeable" >>


Here is what Amy shared about this episode:

Lea Wernli and Shailia Stephens led secret lives. Lea had everything she thought she could want, and yet she secretly drank, ate and shopped for more than she wanted.
As for Shailia, she kept rising in her marketing career, only to come home from work flooded with worry and anxiety. When they came across the New Paradigm, everything changed for both of them ...


We are incredibly...


The wonders of life

Dec 18, 2020

 Excerpt from a LIVE stream with Lea Wernli, Shailia Stephens, and their guests

In this video we're talking about the "Wonders of Life" with our beautiful guests:

  • Jamie Smart
  • Mary Schiller
  • Judy Nahkies
  • Dr. Amy Johnson

This conversation is part of our extended Facebook LIVE stream titled "Coffee, Cookies & Conversation" from December 18, 2020.

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We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Lea & Shailia



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