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"My Secret Life" Interview with Rob Cook


From gang member to military uniformity to light and love

We hope you're enjoying your summer. We're getting ready to "close up the shop" for the next few weeks. And before we do, we wanted to share this interview with you.

It's a new interview from our "My Secret Life" project, in which Shailia sat down (online) with our special guest Rob Cook.

Rob was born and raised in the inner-city of Birmingham, Alabama against a racially charged background and amidst poverty, crime, and violence.

His decision to join a gang was simple math. The equation: hurt or be hurt. And when he later joined the military he realized he was leaving one gang to join another. Only now he had more training, more guns, and other people to hate.

Throughout his 21 years in the military, Rob always felt his own truth coming through him. But he learned to squash it down and present an image of the good soldier or the angry black man...


Empfehlung für Coaches & Therapeuten

Vor Kurzem hatten wir die Ehre, von Christian Hubert Gremsl interviewt zu werden ... und zwar rund um vier tolle Themen:
  • Online-Zusammenarbeit mit Kunden, 
  • Positionierung, 
  • Angebotsgestaltung und
  • Kundengewinnung.
Ab heute (28. Mai 2021) rockt Christian seinen ersten „Coachinghelden Online-Kongress“ mit mehr als 21 erfahrenen Speaker/innen im Interview.

Dieser Online-Kongress ist evtl. das Richtige für dich, wenn du erfahren möchtest, was du brauchst, um als Coach, Therapeut oder Heilpraktiker online und offline erfolgreich zu sein.



Am 2. Juni geht unser Kongress-Interview online ... 

... und wir geben dir tiefere Einblicke in unsere langjährige Erfahrung als Beraterinnen und Online-Coaches: 
  • Hilfreiche Sichtweisen und...

Are you in life, being who you really are? Or are up in your head?



A few years back, while taking part in a 3P coach training, I was sitting with another participant on a couch in a beautiful hotel.

We’d already been training together for over six months and had been asked to pair up for one last reflection on the last day of the program.

She went first.

And before long I had the feeling that the person in front of me was an entirely other person than the one I had spoken many times before.

She was so different that it shocked me. I even found myself saying:
„I feel like I’m really seeing you for the first time since we met.“

To which she replied:
„Shailia, that’s because every time we talked before, I wasn’t really with you. I was up in my head watching shitty movies about myself and you.“

Immediately I understood she’d seen something about Thought, and it had catapulted her back into presence, back into life. And there she was.

I was starkly reminded of this story as Lea and I were...


She tried to hide, but we found her


Have you ever met someone with a deeply calm and loving presence? And somehow just being in a room with them seems to calm you down, too?

That’s how we felt the first time Mavis Karn "stepped into" a virtual room where we were taking part in a coaching masterclass a few years ago.

When she spoke, her wisdom was abundant and impactful.

Mavis might be the most stealth 3P teacher on the planet. In her 81 years here, she’s somehow managed to leave almost no digital footprints.

So it’s hard to find her and a rare privilege to have her as a guest.

When Mavis stumbled across the "3 Principles" back in 1974, she expected to be attending "the usual" seminar related to her job as a social worker.

She was bone tired, practically burnt out and ready to take a few days of "paid vacation" from her draining daily work with challenged families.

What she took away from that seminar with Dr. Roger Mills and his team was a deep insight that she couldn’t even put into words at...


So gelingt ein Neustart in der Lebensmitte ...

Good news: Der SOUL SISTERS Online-Kongress „Start Up Again – 40+ Was nun?“ ist wieder da!
Er geht von 12. bis 19. April mit vielen neuen Interviews in die zweite Runde und wir möchten dich herzlich dazu einladen.
Deine Teilnahme ist kostenfrei und du bekommst automatisch auch Zugang zu unserem Interview am Mittwoch, den 14. April.
Dich erwarten 30 international anerkannte ExpertInnen mit täglich wechselnden Schwerpunkten, wie:
  • Partnerschaft & Familie
  • Weiblichkeit & Sexualität
  • Spiritualität
  • Gesundheit
  • Selbstbestimmung & (berufliche) Selbstverwirklichung
Die Beiträge kannst du dir nach deiner Anmeldung unter folgendem Link kostenlos und bequem von zu Hause aus ansehen.
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In unserem Interview sprechen wir darüber, welche Rolle die...

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