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Transform Pain into Power: Your Body's Untold Story

Nov 02, 2023


Do you realize how amazing your body is?

It translates the energy of Thought into physical sensations – even into pain!

Allow me to give you an example, …

During yesterday's early morning dog walk, I found myself consumed by insecure thoughts, fearing that someone I love was about to abandon me.

My body responded immediately ...

My forehead tightened and began to ache, and my ears grew hot and started ringing.

I couldn't stop the thoughts from gaining momentum, and the more they grew, the stronger my body reacted.

Eventually, I found myself in my car, heading to the gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes.

I hardly smoke, but occasionally, when I feel stressed, I puff a few to help myself relax … and this was one of those times!

The ordeal lasted just a few hours (although it felt like forever), before finally coming to an end.

These days I am awake to the energy of Thought and can generally let it flow and let it go, without taking it too seriously.



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