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A Moment of Mortification, a Day of Transformation and My First Insight

Feb 13, 2024

Hello dear Reader, 
I hope you're doing well!

Ever heard about the first time I figured out what it means to be a ‘thinking human’? I’d love to tell you the story (again) today.

But, let's rewind a bit to set the scene …

In 2005, at the age of 30, I served as the lead online concept developer in a Munich-based marketing agency.

My boss, the agency owner, graciously supported my quest to acquire the qualifications for becoming a strategic planner.

So early one morning, I hopped on an ICE train to Frankfurt for a professional development event hosted by the APGD for up-and-coming junior planners.

I recall entering the sleek headquarters of Leo Burnett, a renowned agency, and finding my place at a spacious oval table surrounded by Germany's young creative talents.

Recently, I had seen the woman holding the training on the cover of “brand eins” a prominent German business magazine known for profiling leading companies and their key figures.



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