07 – Embracing Unspoken Worries: A Real Talk on Compassion

Dive into the unfiltered world of 'real talk' as hosts Lea Wernli and Shailia Stephens share a heartfelt conversation about Lea's annual fondue Christmas dinner with her mother. Brace yourself for the recurring, slightly tricky chat that takes an unexpected turn this year. Lea practices the art of deep listening, embracing her mother's worries with love and understanding. Join us for a journey into compassion, connection, and the delightful quirks of Swiss traditions. It's an episode that hits close to home, no matter where yours is.

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Hi, I'm Lea Wernli.
 I'm a coach and mentor. I may not see well, but I'm a great listener. After a profound insight into our spiritual nature, I fell in love with life again. I guide my coaching clients with love (sometimes tough love and a few good swear words) toward their true nature. My favorite addictions are coffee and good stories. In the "Lighter Life Lounge," I share the playbook for an awesome life. For me, it's about experiencing everything deeply.

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[email protected]

Hello, I'm Shailia Stephens.
 I'm an Advanced Transformative Coach and Business Mentor for ❀️-centered "soulpreneurs." Before turning 40, I was a busy online business lady hustling toward success and driven by inner pressure. Today, I’m moving free and easy … and creating from aliveness and at my own pace. In the "Lighter Life Lounge," I share the "3 Principles" for an amazingly calm and effortlessly easy life and business.

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