17 – From Molehill to Mountain: Taming Exaggerations of Your Brain

Join Shailia and Lea as they delve into how our brains turn small setbacks into towering challenges. Shailia shares an experience of receiving an email about her digital product being denied, and how her mind spiraled in several different directions. Thank goodness she can recognize these thoughts as mere projections of the mind, not reflections of reality. Letting the emotions wash over her, she could approach the situation with ease and clarity. Listen in as we explore the power of awareness in navigating the drama our brains create, and how finding that inner peace can lead to more grounded decision-making.


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You've been feeling like something's wrong with you – watching everyone else cruise through life, while you're struggling inside, and mostly hiding it? It’s time to find out what’s really making you feel 'OFF', recenter yourself, and remember what it’s like to be calm, capable, and carefree!



About Us

Hi, I'm Lea Wernli.
 I'm a coach and mentor. I may not see well, but I'm a great listener. After a profound insight into our spiritual nature, I fell in love with life again. I guide my coaching clients with love (sometimes tough love and a few good swear words) toward their true nature. My favorite addictions are coffee and good stories. In the "Lighter Life Lounge," I share the playbook for an awesome life. For me, it's about experiencing everything deeply.

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[email protected]

Hello, I'm Shailia Stephens.
 I'm an Advanced Transformative Coach and Business Mentor for ❤️-centered "soulpreneurs." Before turning 40, I was a busy online business lady hustling toward success and driven by inner pressure. Today, I’m moving free and easy … and creating from aliveness and at my own pace. In the "Lighter Life Lounge," I share the "3 Principles" for an amazingly calm and effortlessly easy life and business.

Contact Shailia:
[email protected]


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