Time For You: Nurturing Presence, Love, and Well-Being

Time For You: Nurturing Presence, Love, and Well-Being

Veranstaltet von: Shailia Stephens & Lea Wernli

Embark on a journey with Shailia Stephens and Lea Wernli as they unravel the secrets of inner peace, loving connections, and lasting well-being. "Time For You" is your guide to a beautiful life.

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05 – Riding the Emotion Express: Navigating the Wild Horse Within

In this episode, join Shailia and Lea as they delve into the depths of human emotion, inspired by a dream. 'Riding the Emotion Express: Navigating the Wild Horse Within' invites you to notice where you are on the...
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04 – Evolution of Insight: Embracing the Uniqueness of Our Journeys

Join Lea and Shailia in this intimate episode as they reflect on the evolution of their insights into life and the "3 Principles." Shailia shares the journey from her initial revelation on the Principle of Thought to...
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03 – Enduring Wisdom: Life's Full Contact Sport and the 3 Principles

Embark on a reflective journey with us as we revisit our paths since our "My Secret Life" summit in 2020. In this episode, we share raw and real experiences, including navigating a family member's battle with cancer...
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02 – Beyond Stories: A Table Setting for Transformation

Join us in this insightful episode as we set the table for a transformative journey. We delve into the art of pointing, using personal stories and metaphors as guideposts to the universal truths encapsulated in the "3...
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01 – Creating from Aliveness: A Path to Flow and Peaceful Success

In this very first episode of "Time For You", hosts Shailia Stephens and Lea Wernli delve into the transformative power of creating from a space of aliveness. Join them on a journey where they explore what unfolds...
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