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Transformative Coaching for Private Clients

This coaching program is for people who who are striving, but would rather be thriving in life. For those who want full access to inner guidance, easy momentum, peace of mind, freedom and love.

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Here's the thing ...

Relaxed, creative and in love with life. This is your natural state and how you get back there is by looking for Truth. Truth about life, the human experience and how we create our reality through consciousness.

The good news is ...

  • Truth will set you free ... from emotional pain, pressure and stress.
  • Of course, life has ups and downs and there are difficult situations to be experienced – but you'll be more grateful in the high times and graceful in the low.
  • And as a Truth seeker, you’ll find yourself in the genius zone more often – easily making decisions, accessing fresh ideas, naturally productive and flowing through life.

Why seek Truth?

Truth brings ...


All the things you think you should be better at and all the things you think you should be doing – but aren’t – are actually a very convincing illusion. The moment you see through it, pain and pressure fall away. As your relationship to stressful thinking shifts, guilt and shame ridden tasks on your to-do list dissolve. You are free to do nothing – OR – to see what really wants to come through you in your life.


When life feels complex, overwhelming and like you’re running fast on a treadmill to nowhere, it’s time to slow down. As your busy mind decelerates, you get present and life gets simpler. You stop worrying how to get it all done and move from always thinking about what to do next to just knowing what to do next. You’re back in the flow of life, loving what you’re doing and relaxing in an abundance of time to let things unfold.


If you’re judging yourself and how you’re doing, feeling you need to be different than you are or comparing yourself to others or how you used to be, you’re caught up in the personal narrative of the human mind. You don’t have to settle for the anxious activism, paralyzing inertia or dull dissatisfaction that come with that narrative. You can follow your true story, come alive to life and realize your full potential. You light up and as your light shines, you exude an uncomplicated ease and become irresistible – to yourself and others.


Maybe you're wondering ...

  • Thinking less and doing less sounds amazing. But is that even possible?
  • Simply knowing what to do next – that's what I want. Does this really apply to me? Because I often feel stuck and unsure about the right way forward.
  • I'm anxious or even quite numb sometimes. I can hardly remember a time when I was completely at ease or even "lit up" for life. Will this work for me? 

How does "LOVE, LIVE, THRIVE" Coaching work?

Our jumping off point ...

A kick-off focussing on where you are and what's on offer for you:

In month one our work kicks off with a 60 MINUTE VIRTUAL INTAKE, during which time we’ll get to know each other better, as well as talk about your life, where you are now and what you want to create and experience in the future.

In this first conversation we’ll start to unveil the Thought created reality that has you feeling unsure and under pressure. Together we’ll identify what’s on offer for you during our work together and set an overall direction to look in.

This initial call will give us a jumping off point and from here your „LOVE, LIVE, THRIVE !!!“ journey officially begins.

The transformational journey ...

Four milestones on your way to loving what you're doing, living to your full potential and thriving in your work and personal life:

We’ll put some LEARNING SPACE (about four weeks) between our kick-off and your first coaching call. In this time, you’ll have a chance to dive into some literature on the inside-out understanding.

In month two we’ll meet for a 3 DAY INTENSIVE, during which time we’ll explore the deeper intelligence behind life, the nature of thought as well as the power of awareness. In my experience, you’ll leave feeling much lighter and in a more peaceful and conscious state.

In the four months following, we’ll MEET TWICE MONTHLY ONLINE IN 1:1 FOR 60 MINUTES. In our calls, we’ll be discussing your personal progress and insights as well as deepening your understanding of the human mind and exploring the wisdom unfolding from within you.

During our work together, you’ll have access to 9 GROUNDING CLASSES, which have been recorded in advance for your convenience. These audios have been created to support your continuing success, well after the coaching has ended.

Why did I create "LOVE, LIVE, THRIVE"?

Hi, I'm Shailia Stephens ...

Want to know the naked truth?

In my last ten years as a coach, I've spoken with hundreds of people from different countries and backgrounds and listened to their personal stories, struggles and aspirations in life. While each person's journey and individual expression is unique to them, they share something significant.

I notice that almost every human being I meet is trying to "get life right" ...

They don't realize they can't it wrong:

That's why they're trying to ...

  • do the right things to grow their business.
  • choose the right career or life path.
  • make the right choices and decisions.
  • embody the right kind of leader, team member, life partner, daughter or father.
  • be the right weight, in the right kind of health and life-balance.
  • achieve the right level of energy, productivity, accomplishment or wealth.
  • maintain the right state of mind.

In this pursuit, the question they are asking themselves most often is ...

"How am I doing?"

And most people feel like they're not measuring up ... to their own expectations or to their perceived expectations of others. And if asked to reflect on it, ALL of them will tell you:

"It's exhausting."

Deep down, what they really desire, is for their fear, pain and pressure to fall away.

They've all but forgotten the feelings of aliveness, lightness and going with the flow of the moment they once felt in times they trusted that life had their back and they could completely count on their own impulses and intuition.

Back then, when they felt carefree and perhaps even invincible. In the days they took risks and triumphed or fell down, got up and kept going ... curios and open.

Here's the naked truth ...

Fear, pain and pressure are THOUGHT created – 100% of the time.

Human beings suffer when they ...

  • entertain concerns that they might get it wrong.
  • worry what that might mean for their future, their reputation or relationships.
  • avoid actions that might put them in perceived danger or place them in the unknown.
  • overthink and overanalyze, because they have lost touch with their true nature.
  • circle in thoughts of guilt or shame when they perceive themselves as being off course of the "right way".

Here's the thing ...

Life is an INSIDE-OUT job.

The simple but profound realization of this truth will set you free.

It is my joy and pleasure to stand beside you as you look in this direction and gain grounding in an understanding that will change your experience of life.

My fellow human being, welcome to "LOVE, LIVE, THRIVE".

So much love,
Shailia Stephens, MSc.

Are you ready?

Are you ready for more inner peace, grace and ease? Are you ready to say good-bye to circling in confusion, doubt, fear, guilt or shame? Are you ready to take off the pressure and stress? Are you ready to get your spark back, light up and get fully into the beautiful game of life?

Your first step ...

Sign up for your virtual coffee break with Shailia:

The virtual coffee break is for people who are seriously considering working with Shailia and want to see if their personal situation, goals and needs are in alignment with the potential of the program. This way they can make a good decision.

This personal conversation with Shailia takes place via Zoom, lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes and is free-of-charge and non-binding for potential clients.

If, at the end of your call, you and Shailia both have a good feeling and believe that working together makes sense, your next step will be to consult your inner wisdom. Your inner wisdom will lead you naturally to the right decision.

To sign up for your virtual coffee break, simply click on "SIGN UP HERE" to secure your spot.

We take your privacy seriously and your information will be treated confidentially.


Your virtual coffee break

Do you want to LOVE what you're doing, LIVE to your fullest potential and THRIVE in your work and personal life? Are you seriously considering working with Shailia in this six-month coaching program? If so, you are warmly invited to a complimentary virtual coffee break.

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