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Dear reader, there is more on offer than I've been telling you about. This is the story ...

In 2014 I came across an understanding called „The Three Principles“. The "3P’s“, as defined by Sydney Banks and his pupils, are: Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

Sydney Banks was a Scottish welder with a 9th grade education who had an enlightenment experience in the 1970’s and spent the rest of his life until 2009 sharing what he had seen.

What Sydney Banks had seen is that we are one with the great intelligence behind life and that everything is of the same energy.

We are made of it. We are aware of it. We create with it.

People who came from all over the world to hear Sydney Banks speak were changed. They began to feel at peace within themselves, with the world and those around them.

They began to easily move passed trauma, longterm anxiety and depression. And more than that, they came alive and fell back in love with life.

The also fell back in love with their partners, their work and their businesses. They connected more deeply with their children, their families and their communities.

As I started to get a true glimpse at what Sydney Banks had seen, my experience of life changed dramatically.

I became much less fearful and gained a deep inner calmness. My business started to look different: much lighter, more meaningful and each day more and more like a playing field for divine creation.

And as I share this understanding with my own clients and they get a glimpse, they themselves and their experience of life and business transform, sometimes in a subtle way and sometimes much more noticeably.

For those of you who have stumbled across this blog today and don’t yet know me, my name is Shailia Stephens and I have been a business mentor and marketing coach for heart-driven experts and „soulopreneurs“ for the past 10 years.

Last week, I was in Prague with a group of about seventy 3P’s practitioners from around the world. Together we were taking part in the last week of Michael Neill’s „Supercoach Academy Europe“ coach training.

While I was there, I realized some things. I realized that ...

  • I am not the same person that I was when I started my business ten years ago.
  • how I am working with clients is transforming every day.
  • there is so much more on offer through my coaching than I am speaking about publicly, or probably am even consciously aware of myself. 
  • my work with my clients is so much more than supporting them in improving their business performance, helping them to get clients they want, the monetary results they desire or creating effortless success.

So I decided to explore the question „What’s really on offer?“ in a series of blog posts.

This is the first of them and my hope is that, in reading them, you will not only see what is really possible and on offer for you. But that you will also start to get a glimpse of the „oneness“ of life and all the potential it holds for you.

Wishing you all that is truly on offer,


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