You without fear, living in a world made of love

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Last week on Thursday night I was standing in a pub in Prague at a party. Two of my "Supercoach Academy Europe" colleagues were celebrating their combined 100th birthday. She was turning 40 and he 60 years old.

A friend and professional opera singer from our group had just sung a beautiful birthday aria and many of us were teary eyed after being touched by the music.

As I turned to hide my weeping and take a sip of my little Czech beer, I could see another colleague approaching me out of the corner of my eye.

He gave me a hug and asked if I had had any more dreams about funerals (another story for another day). I assured him I had not since the last time we spoke in Athens.

We laughed in relief. Especially, because in some cultures, dreams about dying are considered to be omens of impending death and we were both happy I was still alive.

But I could also tell he had something else on his mind and whatever it was, it did not seem as lighthearted.

When I asked him, he shared that the day’s coaching exam had not gone well. At least according to his own estimation. And so we talked about his experience for a while.

Since his mood seemed a bit low, I suggested we should dance it out.

His reply went something like this ...

"The last time I danced, I saw something that changed how I see everything."

Now, I can assure you I wasn’t expecting this at all and my curiosity was certainly peaked. This is what he told me, more or less accurately relayed to you now:

"A couple of months ago I was at a night club blowing off some steam from the work week and having a good time with my friends. The music was amazing and the beats pulled me right out onto the dance floor.

I danced for so long and with such lack of reservation that I started to worry what I must look like to the others. But I quickly put that worry aside.

I danced, and I danced, and I danced through the night ... completely entranced in the music and the movement. At some point I had closed my eyes and then opened them again and looked around me.

To my surprise, instead of seeing other human beings as I had seen them my whole life, I saw bodies of energy without fear. And I realized that everything is made of love.

I was still seeing people as pure energy at least six hours later, no matter where I went and no matter who I met.

And even though people look like people again now, the essence of who we really are is still completely and utterly 'with me'. It moves me deeply.

What lead me to this training is that I wanted to see more.“

My initial instinct was to tease him about tripping out and ask him if he had since found out who had laced his drink with LSD.

But I could not tease him, because what he had seen felt like Truth to me.

Really sit with it for a moment.

Imagine you without fear, living in a world made of love.

To me, that feeling is the most solid ground I know.

Sometimes when I feel it, my latest worries and perceived problems completely dissolve in an instant and I am left walking around in pure wonder and appreciation of life.

Other times when I feel it, my latest worries and perceived problems continue to exist like currents on the surface of the ocean.

But, in parallel, underneath all the waves of fear and insecurity, I also experience a much deeper peace and calmness that resides below the surface ... inside of me.

In those moments I am aware of my human nature and my spiritual nature all at once. And in that space, I can see my fears for what they really are: Thought.

Me in my humanness caught up in …

  • a scary story of a future which does not exist, in which I am in some sort of imminent danger.
  • the memory of something from the past that is not happening now, but that I am fearful will happen again and am trying to avoid.
  • an idea of wanting something other that what is available right now, resisting the natural pace of life and afraid of the unknown.

Just yesterday I was on a walk in the hills surrounding our village with our Dalmatian DUKE. Spring was blossoming everywhere, but I couldn’t see it.

(Do you know that feeling, too? When you are somewhere really beautiful but not seeing it, because you are up in your head immersed in unsettling thoughts.)

And then I recalled a sentence I had written down and placed on my desk as a reminder for myself. It reads: „The feeling of You before Thought.“

And suddenly Thought dropped away and I was back … in the present moment and fully aware of life and nature, and myself as part of it all.

Me without fear, walking around in a world made of love.

As a mentor und coach for heart-driven service professionals, „soulopreneurs“ and small business owners, this is my highest hope for my clients. That they too can realize and touch this space.

From this space …

  • business feels more connected, creative and joyful.
  • you can go for any goal and try out any marketing strategy, knowing you are perfectly fine whether it works out or not.
  • you can go big and move mountains or step away from your laptop and sit on a bench all day, without your worth or your identity being on the line.
  • clarity arises, questions get answered and things get done easily and gracefully … without all of the pushing, the pressure and the stress.
  • „bad things“ can happen (e.g. a valued team member quitting without notice, important funding or a lucrative contract falling through at the last minute etc.) without a lot of drama or extended suffering.

And those are just some of things on offer when you touch the space where you realize you are fearless and of love.

More of "What's on offer?" coming soon. Until then, enjoy life and CU again soon.

From True Me to True You,



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