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Can we be friends and allies?

May 17, 2024


Hello Dear Reader,

I don’t know about you, but …

Something in me likes to let life unfold, and I often only see the direction it’s taking me as it presents itself to me in real-time.

It’s as if I’m the observer who also gets to participate, watching desires arise within myself without needing to make them happen, but somehow also being part of their happening.

It’s hard to explain. Anyway …

As I observed what I see unfolding in my life right now, one of the big things that appeared was ‘becoming more human’… or rather, ‘showing up more fully as the human I already am.’

One of the surprising paths life led me down this week (which very much fits in with this unfolding) was booking a copywriting training course with Simone Soel.

My dear friend and podcast co-host Lea Wernli has been talking about her for years and I finally get why she likes her so much.

On a Facebook LIVE the other day, Simone was...


Choose YOUR Game: A Reflection

May 10, 2024

Hello Dear Reader,

I woke up this morning, put on my swimsuit, and headed to the pool.

While I was swimming my laps, I thought about some questions on my mind.

One question was whether or not to play a game.

Let me explain …

One of my earliest (brilliant) business mentors is currently offering her annual ‘Money Magnet Club.’

It’s a game in which you work toward creating an audaciously large sum of money very quickly.

There are money mindset and money action classes, and a sprint with group accountability.

I was in the masterclass where she presented everything, and it sounded like a lot of fun.

And naturally, my brain was feeling excited about the huge amounts of money people were aiming for.

I pictured my bank account at the end of 90 days, considerably fuller than it is now.

Who wouldn’t want that, right?

But on my swim, I saw something quite clearly.

That’s not the game I’m up for playing at the moment.

Right now, I’ve slowed...


Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast.

Apr 26, 2024

Hey, dearest Reader! Are you aware of the transformative power of slowing down?

Back in 2015, I launched my signature training program, the "Successful Soulopreneur System." One of the very first lessons I shared with my coaches was simple but profound:

"Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast."

It’s a powerful mantra instilled in Marine Corps Special Operations units from day one of their rigorous training. The idea is that slow, careful movements lead to faster and safer task completion, especially in high-pressure situations.

This mantra isn't just a military maxim; it can be a guiding principle for success in life and any field.

I recently came across this idea again while reading "The Prosperous Coach" with one of my clients, who is in the process of building her coaching practice.

In a chapter by Rich Litvin called “Slow down to speed up success,” he delves into the space where miracles occur—a space he created by intentionally slowing everything down....


Choose Aliveness Over Busy Mind

Apr 19, 2024

Dearest Reader, I've been thinking about you and hope you're very well.

I spent last week basking in the sunshine, observing sea crabs and wild ducks, and marveling at the beauty of exotic flowers.

Being in life, instead of thinking about life.

Yesterday morning, back at my desk, totally renewed, and on coaching calls with some of my gorgeous ‘soulpreneur’ clients, I heard myself saying …

Being in life is one of the most essential things you can do for the long-term success of your business.

And it’s true. Being in life is … well, life-giving … and completely clarifying. It’s like filling your tank with premium fuel from an endless source of vitality and wisdom.

I’m gushing, but I simply want to say this: Remember to BE IN YOUR LIFE. Give yourself permission to be in life, and make it a priority.

Instead of: overthinking your life, yourself, other people's behavior, the state of the world, what's next,...


Focus on What’s Right

Apr 12, 2024

The other day, I was scrolling through Facebook during a break and came across this post on Elsie Spittle’s page '3 Principles for Human Development' ...

"In the early days, Syd (Sydney Banks) told me not to focus on my problems. He said to be grateful for what was right in my life; then, what I saw as wrong would be resolved. I thought he was in denial! I was wrong. He was right."

This struck a chord with me – it was almost the same deep insight I had last summer while going through a tough time. I thought I’d share it with you in case you need to hear it today.

Alright, I’m off on an adventure. Catch you back here next week.

So much love,



Ready to let the existing goodness in your life or business blossom into something even more amazing? Join me for a one-on-one call to lighten your mental load and explore a brighter path forward.

Click the link below to schedule a 30-minute Zoom chat, and let’s see if we can spark insights for...


Rising After a 'Drop'

Apr 05, 2024

Last night, we were all up at 1 am – again. Our little Dalmatian has had some stomach issues for the last several days.

To his and our dismay, he didn’t make it to the door to be let out … and the proof in the pudding was all over the hallway floor.

As I sat there with paper towels and disinfectant, cleaned up the mess, and pondered which doctor to consult for help, I could tell my husband had 'dropped.'

It was late, and he was tired and had a hectic week at work. So it was surprising, but not surprising, when the man who is usually so loving to me and the dogs turned into a poo-poo, too.

I won’t go into much detail, but annoyance was involved. Critical comments and impossible demands were made, including reprimanding the dog for something he couldn’t control.

You get the picture.

Despite my exhaustion, I was lucky enough to understand what was happening. I could feel compassion rising within me – for my husband and that he had 'dropped,'...


Good Friday Blessings

Mar 29, 2024

Dear Reader,

It’s Good Friday, a time when Christians contemplate the crucifixion of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for humanity.

Growing up Baptist, I spent many a Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday in church with my family.

While my spirituality and how I practice it look very different now than back then, I hold dear memories of those days.

This morning, memories flooded back from an Easter Sunday following my father’s motorcycle accident.

My mom, dad, little sister, baby brother, and I still lived with my father’s parents.

My Granny Stephens, giving her all to care for us while Mom was caring for Dad, took us shopping for new Easter dresses.

At 8 and 10 years old, my sister and I were growing like weeds.

I vividly recall that dress – fine white cotton, crisp and pristine, adorned with a two-tone belt of deep purple and dark raspberry.

The dress’s yoke had delicate, silky stitching in matching hearts, a subtle yet beautiful detail.



A Moment of Mortification, a Day of Transformation and My First Insight

Feb 13, 2024

Hello dear Reader, 
I hope you're doing well!

Ever heard about the first time I figured out what it means to be a ‘thinking human’? I’d love to tell you the story (again) today.

But, let's rewind a bit to set the scene …

In 2005, at the age of 30, I served as the lead online concept developer in a Munich-based marketing agency.

My boss, the agency owner, graciously supported my quest to acquire the qualifications for becoming a strategic planner.

So early one morning, I hopped on an ICE train to Frankfurt for a professional development event hosted by the APGD for up-and-coming junior planners.

I recall entering the sleek headquarters of Leo Burnett, a renowned agency, and finding my place at a spacious oval table surrounded by Germany's young creative talents.

Recently, I had seen the woman holding the training on the cover of “brand eins” a prominent German business magazine known for profiling leading companies and their key figures.



Dive into the Magic: Our New Podcast Is Here!

Nov 20, 2023

So, picture this …

Last week, while we were jazzing up our German-language podcast with some fresh episodes, a light bulb moment hit us!

We thought, why not throw in an English-language episode? And voila, the "Time For You" podcast was born!

Get ready for a dose of inspiration in the very first episode with us, your hosts Shailia Stephens and Lea Wernli.

In this episode, we're diving into the magic that comes with creating from a space of aliveness and playfulness.

Imagine infusing your creative endeavors with vitality, staying in the flow more often, and savoring a peaceful taste of success. Sounds cool, right?

Here are some highlights you won't want to miss:

Experience the enchantment of tapping into your own aliveness whenever you're creating in the world.

Explore the joy of staying in the flow and gracefully navigating (inner) challenges on your journey to success.

Uncover the possibility of checking in with your wisdom while pursuing goals – if not...


A Prayer for Lightness: When Life Has Become Heavy

Nov 14, 2023

Lately, when things feel heavy, I don't try to get through it on my own.

I pray and ask for support; I call on the greater Mind.

A Prayer for Lightness

Dear Heavenly Father, Beautiful Spirit Mother, Divine All-Oneness,

The weight of my experience feels too heavy to hold.

Let me wake up from this bad dream, open my eyes, and see the Truth of who I am – simply the dreamer.

Help me notice the place where a lighter feeling is always arising within me.

Take my hand and walk with me a bit as I am coming back to my senses.

Guide me towards appreciation and awe for all that I am.

Direct my focus firmly on what I have rather than what I lack.

Remind me how incredible and capable I am.

Show me how close I am to joy – a single thought away.

As I find contentment in what is and restore my well-being, may a sense of lightness emanate within me, around me, and from me.

Let us watch together as it heals everything.


I hope this prayer blesses you

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