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The Answers to Your Heart’s Questions

Aug 05, 2022

"You already know the answer." As a trained professional coach, that statement used to set off Shailia’s BS alarm big time. Left and right, all she could see were clients who didn’t have their own answers at all. Why would they come to her if they did?!? Today, she’ll agree with that statement all day long. Find out what changed.

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Die Antworten auf die Fragen deines Herzens

„Du kennst die Antwort bereits.“ Als professioneller Coach löste diese Aussage bei Shailia immer einen Bullshit-Alarm aus. Links und rechts sah sie nur Klienten, die ihre eigenen Antworten überhaupt nicht kannten. Warum sollten sie auch zu ihr kommen, wenn sie diese hätten? Heute...


Quarantine, close quarters and getting along with your teenager – Interview with Erika Bugbee

Nov 05, 2020

#builtforthis VIDEO 5 with Erika Bugbee
Interviewed by Wyn Morgan & Shailia Stephens

After four #builtforthis interviews, we hope you're experiencing just a little more ease and grace during these exceptional times.

In our final interview of the series, Wyn Morgan and Shailia Stephens are speaking with Erika Bugbee.

Erika is the daughter of George and Linda Pransky and also a "3 Principles" Coach specialized in working with families and particularly in working with teenagers (having been a difficult teenager herself).

As restrictions and lockdowns become the new norm for many, the shift from work, school, and play outside the home to life around the clock at home has some families feeling overwhelmed.

In this interview, Erika shares her wisdom about how to handle close quarters and conflicts under these circumstances – even if you're stuck with someone you don't like – who may be your teenager ;-)

The good news is ...

Although someone else might be in charge of and...


Losing business and gaining clarity during a pandemic – Interview with Wilhelm Hast

Oct 28, 2020

#builtforthis VIDEO 4 with Wilhelm Hast
Interviewed by Wyn Morgan & Shailia Stephens

Are you ready for another perspective on how we're all built for this thing called life, even in uncertain times like a pandemic?

In today's #builtforthis interview Wilhelm Hast, a leadership coach and business owner from Sweden shares his experience of losing 90% of his client work within the first three months of the pandemic.

His first question was: "What do we do now?" And his first reaction was to tense up, move in and out of frustration and overthinking.

In this interview with Wilhelm Hast, you'll hear about the "game" he set up for himself and his team to meet the challenge at hand.

The only rules of the game were to 1) take action whenever they felt a sense of clarity and inner knowing and 2) pause whenever they felt a lack of clarity and tension, choosing not to indulge in overthinking.

We highly recommend today's interview with Wilhelm Hast, as he beautifully and simply describes the...


Peace amidst a thunderstorm of dementia and COVID - Interview with Brianne Gebril

Oct 22, 2020

#builtforthis VIDEO 3 with Brianne Gebril
Interviewed by Wyn Morgan & Shailia Stephens

Are you ready for another #builtforthis interview?

Today, you'll hear Wyn Morgan and Shailia Stephens speak with Brianne Gebril about the unique challenge of caring for a parent with advanced dementia who is living in a care facility during a pandemic.

Her story begins as Brianne involuntarily goes from spending several hours a day with her mother to not being able to see her at all.

Brianne's emotional rollercoaster reaches a peak when she's told her mother will have to be moved to another facility.

In this interview, you'll hear what happened when Brianne got some rest for the first time in a good while and realized even more deeply where her well-being actually comes from.

And you'll find out how she fought for what she thought was best for her mom, knowing that she doesn't actually know what's best ...

... considering what we think is good or bad at any given moment is simply down to...


Corona and creative decision making in business – Interview with Francesca Addabbo

Oct 15, 2020

#builtforthis VIDEO 2 with Francesca Addabbo
Interviewed by Wyn Morgan & Shailia Stephens

Are you ready for a new episode of the
#builtforthis video series?

As these exceptional times continue on, these interviews will give you a fresh perspective from the viewpoint of the "3 Principles".

So today, let's talk about business.

As a restaurant owner and language school operator, our guest Francesca Addabbo is doing business in industries that have been greatly affected by the global pandemic.

Just imagine that your entire livelihood is suddenly at risk ... with no realistic hope for an upswing anytime soon. What might your reaction look like?

In this interview, Francesca talks honestly and humorously about her original panic when first encountering the idea of a shutdown.

And she shares how her understanding of life allowed her to see her next steps with clarity and act with a sense of joy and creativity.

Her story is truly empowering, not only for business owners.

Listen to...


From anxiety and stress to well-being, even in a pandemic – Interview with John El-Mokadem

Oct 07, 2020

Whatever is going on in life, whatever you're up to in the world, whatever challenges you're facing , you are literally built for this .

You're built for this life, endlessly capable and creative to meet the moment. Can you feel the Truth  in that statement? Not quite sure?

Then stay tuned! Because starting today, we're introducing you to a video series  we've hashtagged #builtforthis.

 And we're starting you off with a powerful interview with Master Transformative Coach John El-Mokadem, interviewed by Wyn Morgan and myself.

John El-Mokadem has helped thousands of people around the world who were dealing with chronic health conditions , anxiety and depression  to discover their innate potential for healing .

 In this video, John shares his own personal story of discovering quiet and a deep sense of well-being, during a time in his life when everything was up in the air.

He explains why peace can't be found on the...


How I got my energy back

Sep 03, 2020
It's time to get practical! Are you ready for it?

In today's "3P Moment" Shailia shares openly about how she struggled while building her business ... energetically launching new products and programs, always followed by a crash and burn cycle that would take her down for weeks at a time.

Back then, business felt hard to Shailia, and seemed to leave her drained and joyless.

Do you want to find out what she saw that helped her to regain her energy and fall back in love with her business?

For Shailia it was a moment of truth to realize that it wasn't the daily work that her business required that caused her to burn out.

But instead, that it was her permanent thinking ABOUT herself and her business that kept her in a trap of stress and exhaustion.

Let's have a look and see if you also have more things plugged up than your fuse will allow.

Don't know what that means?

Listen in and Shailia will tell you about her little house in Italy and the things she plugged up there. And she...

An Experiment in Consciousness

Aug 27, 2020

In the last audio, we introduced you to the turtle and fox to give you a better understanding of the "Principle of Consciousness".

In this week's "3P Moment", Lea will take you on an inner journey, so that you can get a feeling for unchanging Consciousness .

Come and join us for a little experiment ...

Whether you are 5, 10, 20 or 40 years old, there is a part of you that is ageless and completely unaffected by the passing of time, by the characteristics of world of form or even your own thinking.

Maybe who you think you are isn't as solid as you think. And perhaps there's something more pure, more neutral at your core .

Curious to find out?

We hope you enjoy today's audio. See you again next week.

Much love,
Shailia Stephens & Lea Wernli


This "3P Moment" is an excerpt from our last "Totally Human – 3 Day Online Retreat".

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Seeing the world from the turtle's shell

Aug 20, 2020
How are you enjoying all the "3P Moments" so far?

Our aim is to provide you with digestible inspiration to further your understanding of the "3 Principles". As you can probably tell by now, we love to speak in metaphors.

And if you liked the last ones – believe us – you'll love today's story of the turtle and the fox as well .

In this audio, Shailia shares what she has seen about "The Principle of Consciousness" and why she values the watcher's perspective.

Listen to this audio to see more about the nature of Consciousness and what it has to do with a turtle watching from its shell.

We hope you enjoy it and you'll be hearing from us next week.

Much love,
Shailia Stephens & Lea Wernli


This "3P Moment" is an excerpt from our last "Totally Human – 3 Day Online Retreat".

Would you like to deepen your 3P understanding?
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The fact of our thinking

Aug 13, 2020

These hot summer days have us longing for just a little more snow from our beloved snow globe metaphor. Agree? OK, let's go for it!

In today's "3P Moment" we talk in more detail about the snow in our snow globe. And we answer a question we often get regarding the content of our thinking versus the fact of our thinking.

Here's the thing ...

The moment we place our attention on the snow, aka the content of our personal thinking, things get cloudy and life feels uncomfortable.

Where's the misunderstanding? It's in believing the snow is the whole show ... aka in believing it's our reality, identity, or problem.

When we think the snow is the whole show ... when we get caught up in the content of our personal thinking ... we suffer. Blue, pink, or green snow? It really doesn't matter.

In today's audio, we look to the fact of our thinking. We hope you'll hear something new. See you again next week

Much love,
Shailia Stephens-Würsig & Lea Wernli

This "3P Moment" is an...

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