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September Talk: Dr. Bill Pettit

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Wir werden zum Ende des Sommers nochmal richtig aktiv und haben gleich mehrere Highlights im September für dich ...
Das bevorstehende Gespräch mit dem Psychiater und 3P-Praktizierenden Dr. Bill Pettit ist eines davon, zu dem wir dich heute herzlich einladen möchten. 
Du kannst dich bis 13. September kostenlos zum Webinar anmelden, um bei unserem Gespräch dabei zu sein.
Für deinen Kalender:
  • Datum: 13. September 2021 | 18 Uhr CEST
  • Thema: „Liebesbriefe unserer Psyche & die Diagnose.“


  • Teil 1: Interview für unsere Interviewserie "Mein geheimes Leben" auf Englisch (ca. 30 Minuten)

  • Teil 2: Referat von Bill Pettit
    (Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung)

  • Teil 3: Frage und Antworten
    (Englisch mit...

"My Secret Life" Interview with Dr. Dicken Bettinger


Secret life: For much of his adult life before 40, Dicken woke up before dawn to meditate for four hours, followed by excessive journaling and saying affirmations – just to feel OK.

Awakening before dawn for up to four hours of meditation and excessive journaling: This was Dr. Dicken Bettinger’s daily routine for many years.

He believed that by practicing transcendental techniques, saying affirmations, and persistently working on his personal well-being, he could live a healthier and happier life.

Although he did notice feeling a little better, the small improvement came at the cost of less and less time with his young family.

In this interview, Dr. Dicken Bettinger recalls how his encounter with Sydney Banks and his realization of the "3 Principles" completely changed his understanding of life.

Today, his life is lived from a place of love and tranquility – without any need for special practices or personal discipline.

Dr. Dicken Bettinger is a...


Lea's "My Secret Life" Story


Secret life: Lea thought that constantly analyzing herself would solve her problems. She went from stress to too much alcohol and excessive shopping to finally finding peace of mind and an on-going sense of ease.

Believing that happiness lies in the understanding of all things, as a young adult Lea began analyzing everything. She analyzed her family history and its apparent effect on her. She analyzed her own personality traits and behaviors.

She analyzed life in general, down to the smallest detail.

This led to constant thinking and the overuse of her analytical mind – an innocent and common misunderstanding about what helps. As this did not support her in finding a solution to her stressful everyday life, she only felt even more pressure inside.

Bad habits such as heavy drinking and excessive shopping followed.

And so, she started working even more intensively on herself. She tried self-awareness techniques, spiritual methodologies, and various...


Shailia's "My Secret Life" Story


Secret life: Shailia was an advancing Online Marketing Strategist with a hidden inner life of pressure, stress, and chronic pain ... and a misunderstanding about job changes and the source of ease and grace.

A friendly demeanor, a positive outlook, and a go-getter attitude – this is how Shailia showed up to life and was seen by superiors, co-workers, clients, and friends.

On the outside, things seemed crystal clear: Shailia was climbing the career ladder with ease and had found her sweet spot in work and life. On the inside, she was "crashing" every night at home and experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion as well as terrifying panic attacks.

She could hardly sleep, her mind plagued by recurring thoughts and her body under the duress of chronic pain due to stress, often accompanied by a fear of death.

For years she was convinced that a job or career change would solve her problems – but everything caught up with her. In this interview, Shailia...


"My Secret Life" Interview with Rob Cook


From gang member to military uniformity to light and love

We hope you're enjoying your summer. We're getting ready to "close up the shop" for the next few weeks. And before we do, we wanted to share this interview with you.

It's a new interview from our "My Secret Life" project, in which Shailia sat down (online) with our special guest Rob Cook.

Rob was born and raised in the inner-city of Birmingham, Alabama against a racially charged background and amidst poverty, crime, and violence.

His decision to join a gang was simple math. The equation: hurt or be hurt. And when he later joined the military he realized he was leaving one gang to join another. Only now he had more training, more guns, and other people to hate.

Throughout his 21 years in the military, Rob always felt his own truth coming through him. But he learned to squash it down and present an image of the good soldier or the angry black man...


Are you in life, being who you really are? Or are up in your head?



A few years back, while taking part in a 3P coach training, I was sitting with another participant on a couch in a beautiful hotel.

We’d already been training together for over six months and had been asked to pair up for one last reflection on the last day of the program.

She went first.

And before long I had the feeling that the person in front of me was an entirely other person than the one I had spoken many times before.

She was so different that it shocked me. I even found myself saying:
„I feel like I’m really seeing you for the first time since we met.“

To which she replied:
„Shailia, that’s because every time we talked before, I wasn’t really with you. I was up in my head watching shitty movies about myself and you.“

Immediately I understood she’d seen something about Thought, and it had catapulted her back into presence, back into life. And there she was.

I was starkly reminded of this story as Lea and I were...


She tried to hide, but we found her


Have you ever met someone with a deeply calm and loving presence? And somehow just being in a room with them seems to calm you down, too?

That’s how we felt the first time Mavis Karn "stepped into" a virtual room where we were taking part in a coaching masterclass a few years ago.

When she spoke, her wisdom was abundant and impactful.

Mavis might be the most stealth 3P teacher on the planet. In her 81 years here, she’s somehow managed to leave almost no digital footprints.

So it’s hard to find her and a rare privilege to have her as a guest.

When Mavis stumbled across the "3 Principles" back in 1974, she expected to be attending "the usual" seminar related to her job as a social worker.

She was bone tired, practically burnt out and ready to take a few days of "paid vacation" from her draining daily work with challenged families.

What she took away from that seminar with Dr. Roger Mills and his team was a deep insight that she couldn’t even put into words at...


Want to hear our Czech Talk?


Here in Europe, Spring has arrived. The flowers and trees are blooming in full expression of the life force.

In celebration of the new season, we thought it’d be fun to share a talk with you that we recently gave at a 3P Academy in the Czech Republic (led by Martin Jotov, our beloved colleague and friend).
As so often, this talk contains two languages in one recording: one-half English (our talk) and one-half Czech (the translation of our talk).
We keep sending these mixed language videos to you because:
  1. We believe they're very impactful.
  2. Despite the initial irritation, people are loving them.
  3. You’ve told us that the slowed-down pace and the concise wording have affected you on a deeper level.
So, why change a winning concept ;-)
Enjoy to the fullest and may insight hit you like a ton of bricks (without any of the usual pain), …
… as we share our personal transformational stories and speak about realizing the power of Mind,...

How I got my energy back

It's time to get practical! Are you ready for it?

In today's "3P Moment" Shailia shares openly about how she struggled while building her business ... energetically launching new products and programs, always followed by a crash and burn cycle that would take her down for weeks at a time.

Back then, business felt hard to Shailia, and seemed to leave her drained and joyless.

Do you want to find out what she saw that helped her to regain her energy and fall back in love with her business?

For Shailia it was a moment of truth to realize that it wasn't the daily work that her business required that caused her to burn out.

But instead, that it was her permanent thinking ABOUT herself and her business that kept her in a trap of stress and exhaustion.

Let's have a look and see if you also have more things plugged up than your fuse will allow.

Don't know what that means?

Listen in and Shailia will tell you about her little house in Italy and the things she plugged up there. And she...

Mein geheimes Leben


Diese Woche waren Lea Wernli und ich zu Gast im „Expert-Talk“ bei Angelika Buchmayer, einer exzellenten Netzwerkerin, die mit viel Herz, Klarheit und Integrität die richtigen Menschen zusammenführt. Wir sprachen mit ihr über unseren neuen Online-Kongress „Mein geheimes Leben“, über unsere „secret lives“ und die „3 Prinzipien“ für mehr Leichtigkeit und entspannten Erfolg.

Lea und ich bemerkten nämlich vor einiger Zeit als wir gemeinsam durch den Wald liefen, dass nicht nur wir viele Jahre lang eine Art „Doppelleben“ geführt haben, sondern auch etliche unserer KundInnen.

Äußerlich selbstbewusst, souverän und erfolgreich, innerlich voller Druck, Unruhe oder Unsicherheit.

Wir alle glaubten, dass etwas mit uns nicht stimme und wir damit ziemlich alleine wären. Und so versteckten wir unsere „unperfekten“ Seiten vor der Welt, weil man darüber...


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